Friday, July 29, 2011

Nutrient Balance

David Rodgers from Nutrient Balance did a great webinar the other day.  I thought it was so great that I asked him if I could share on my blog so that I could share this great information with all of you.

- David Rodgers is a nutritionist from Michigan with a masters from the University of Bridgeport.
- Specialty: Chronic Lyme Disease as well as four other somewhat similar conditions: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, and lupus.
- An all natural approach to healing: combining the latest in nutrition research with proven vitamins, minerals, herbs, phytochemicals, fatty acids, amino acids, detoxification measures and lifestyle/exercise modifications.
- Lab testing and natural treatments: for specific pathogens, hormone / neurotransmitter imbalance, vitamins, minerals, fatty acid, and amino acid testing, food allergy testing (including gluten sensitivity), and standard blood testing with corresponding therapies to bolster the health of the heart, liver, kidneys, thyroid, etc.
- Analysis of past labwork
- Creation of herbal protocols that matches specific pathogens and symptoms
- The vast majority of therapies at the Nutrient Balance Center are scientifically proven

Here is the webinar:

It takes about 15 minutes or so before the content is actually started, so you can fast forward. There was a Powerpoint glitch, but I didn't create a new version of the webinar because I thought that the questions asked during the real event were quite good and I can't recreate them in a remake. Therefore, I apologize for the bland slides - they were supposed to look a lot nicer and better formatted.
Please see the website at for more information. Be sure to click on the "about us" section, and also sign up for the free e-report which has lots of natural health information.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
It's entitled Transfusing Lyme
If you are familiar with this horrible disease (Lyme Disease) it not only takes away your freedom, your livelihood, your zest for living, your family, your friends, but it also takes away your ability to work and to pay for your medications.   The very medications you need to survive.  Yes I have tried going off them to see if I would be ok.  To sum it up.  I was not ok.

Here is what I need.  If you feel so compelled to help me in some way by helping me to do a fundraiser, or knowing someone that can do it.  I am desperate.

I need $560 by 7/30/11 to pay for my Alinia  That would cover my deductible and co-pay

I need $195 for a test ASAP

I need $250+  for my IV rocephin.  I have a 2 weeks supply left.

I need $150 for IV Glutathione

I also am in need of about $300 worth of supplements.

I currently have no income and my husband is working his butt off 18 hour days at his full time job and then 2 side jobs.

We are not lazy bad people, we have just fallen on really, really hard times.   My husband hasn't had a paycheck in over 4 months, yet he works full time at his own business.  We need money for rent, but I am not asking for that.  I am only asking that people to possibly help with my medical supplies & medications.  There are many more meds that I need, but this is the basic necessity.

If you have ANY ideas for fundraisers, please let me know.  I am on my own here.  I don't know a single person in the town I live in and therefore have no resources.  My family has their own stuff going on and I cannot borrow any more money from people.

I am asking because I have to.  I have no choice.

Here is my donate button through PayPal.  If you can spread the word and help me, that is all that I ask.  I just feel so desperate.

Another free and practically effortless way to help is to spread the word about my Amazon account.  If you or someone you know uses Amazon for purchases, those purchases can be helping me directly!  Just use this link when you shop and spread the word about my link. It's THAT easy.  I would greatly appreciate any and all help that I can get.  I have to reach out the community at this point.  I have no choice.

We are about to lose our car and our home.  We are days away.  But I cannot go without my medications.  I am finally feeling some relief and gaining headway.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Urine Nasal Spray & Klinghardt

Clearly NOT urine...
This is A LOT of information to absorb.  I actually  know someone that uses a neti pot and rinses their nasal passages with their 2nd morning urine.  This person is a patient of Klinghardt.  I'll NEVER tell..... but hey, if it works!!??

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Off to see the good doc

I had to stop my Alinia yesterday.  Only took one dose.  I need to be able to make it in the care ride to see my doc without the GI issues.  I was just a couple days shy of my 2 week pulse.

I think it is entirely possible that I am herxing today.  NO WAY!

But maybe.  Strangest headache.  Really weak legs.  I've been having minor freak outs where I think something bad is going to happen and it doesn't.

I am trying to get to sleep by midnight.  My goal was 11pm but that's gone & went & I am still hooked up to my IV pole so that's not going to work.

I will write an expensive post probably on Tuesday after the appointment.  I am going to go to the beach if my body cooperates.  I will love it!

Good days to all today!!!!  xoxoxo  Sonya

Oh and I am going to try to pick up this book to read at the beach.  COMPELLING!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Life is Tough!

I didn't need to tell you life is tough.  Chances are if you're reading my blog, you already know it.

I need a break.  I need a break from worry, anxiety, stress, finances, side effects, depression, illness.

I have been praying for "us all".  I read somewhere that if you wish and or pray for good for everyone that will include yourself.

I hope no one minds if I vent a little......

I don't feel like I can take good enough care of my dogs.  I feel guilty.  I know things will turn around but it's so hard.  They are eating properly and good food, but they have issues they all need taken care of.  I am not about to give them away because I know the situation will turn around.  It's just a matter of time.  All poop may hit the fan before relief comes though.  It's just so hard.

I am still not well enough to leave the house.  I am finally up to my 2 doses of Alinia a day.  It affected me at first, minor herxing and then side effects from the Alinia.  Even if I felt good enough to leave my house I can't because of the GI issues.  Wondering how I am going to make it 1 hour and 15 minutes each way in a car to the doctor.  If all is well with me health wise, I plan to lay on the beach for a while that day as well.  He is 10 blocks from the ocean.

I am rambling and bouncing around mentally.  I am worried about my husband and his health.  It's not good.  The added stress and depression is not helping him.  I feel helpless and don't know what to do to help him.  I watched him breathing last night when he fell asleep.  Kept checking with my finger to make sure I could feel him breathing through his nostrils.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My friend's experience at John Hopkin's for Babesia

Herxed, Birthday, Cycle

I am finally up to the full Alinia dose.  2 pills per day.  Doing fine.  A little worse for ware and worthless today but it'll get better.  My lyme cycle hit (it's now) and it barely has phased me.  This is good news.  This means that the rocephin is working.  That the Alinia kicked my butt, but I think things died.  I just need to make a lot more progress before I can start to feel better & actually leave my house!

I see my doctor on Monday and since he has been on vacation for what seems like FOREVER, I need to bring him my MRI results & point out that my Anaplasmosis (Ehrlichia) test was positive and see what he'd like to do from there.

I family has been having a rough time financially.  Oh how you can really fall.........  Trying to stay positive, but it's hard.  I don't want to be one of those negative poopers.

I saw my parents, they came over the day before my birthday to celebrate.  I have to be honest, as far as appearance, my dad looks bad.  Since he still has so many sores in his mouth & throat from chemo & radiation, he can't eat, only drink certain things.  He has no facial hair but has eyebrows.  Once he can eat again, he'll be in tip top shape.  But geez, it's been over a month since he stopped treatment and they don't know why he isn't healing.  Go figure.  Regardless it was good to see them.  Even though they don't "buy into" my illness.  I just had to accept that long ago and realize that if it's not accepted in the hospitals like say, cancer is, then it's not going to be accepted by your family and most of your friends.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alinia update

Alinia isn't going as planned.  I started with 1 pill 2 days ago and I don't know if I had a herxheimer reaction or what but it was not pleasant.  I have to admit I was afraid to take it.  2 hours after 'bottom's up', I had to go upstairs and go to bed.  Then I was just in pain and felt sick and out of it for the next several hours.  3 hours were really bad.  I also had to visit the little girls room MANY times.  I didn't want to be alone.  I called my husband and asked him to come home.  It was pretty scary.  When 7pm or so hit, I felt much better.  I opted not to take the 2nd dose of the day because I obviously wouldn't be able to sleep and didn't want to keep my husband up all night.  He agreed and said he didn't want me to take it.

So yesterday was my 2nd dose.  I SO did not want to take that pill.  I had a lot of pain yesterday but didn't feel quite as bad as the first day.  Only had 2 bathroom trips.  Didn't start to feel better until 8pm.  Did not take night dose as I feel like I am having a herx reaction and don't want to over do it and end up in the hospital.  I took a teaspoon of my activated charcoal at 8pm to help absorb some of the toxins.

Haven't been sleeping well.  Been waking early......

Took 3rd dose about 2 1/2 hours ago.  So far I think I feel ok.  Once I get to a level where it doesn't kick my butt and I know this is a herxheimer reaction and not an allergy or other reaction to the drug, I will go up to the 2 doses per day.

Symptoms I have been having thus far:

Diarrhea & lots of noise going on in my abdomen
Severe neck pain
Muscle (and what feels like) bone pain
Vision impairment
Sleep disturbance
Painful sides of neck (under ears and down, feels like my glands)

I start my pulse for my IV Rocephin tomorrow.  Should be interesting......  wish me luck!  I need to get stronger, I really, REALLY need a shower!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Getting ready to start Alinia!

I am starting my first 2 week pulse of Alinia tomorrow.  twice daily, 500mg.  I am still on the IV Rocephin pulse of 2grams twice daily for 3 days on, 4 days off.

I am excited and nervous at the same time.  Never know what a new drug is going to do to you.  For me it will probably just made me feel better.

Hope everyone had the best Independence Day ever!  I saw some fireworks from my front porch, went for a couple of walks, and even went to a friends for a nice dinner party last night.  FUN!  It kicked my butt though and felt like hell today.  I knew that was going to happen, but it's ok.  I had fun.