Monday, June 25, 2012

Dr. Vinayak on a Talk Radio Show

Everyone knows I am a big fan of my "healer", Dr. Vinayak.  He was on the talk radio show In Short Order on Father's Day.  Dr. Vinayak is so willing to help others.  He does the conference calls with me and my friends every Wednesday (feel free to join us) to offer emotional support.  Every week, I am enlightened, inspired, and healed emotionally.  You would be amazed at how much our emotions effect our health.

A lot of people with Lyme disease had a stressful event preceding the symptoms of Lyme disease.  I was a complete stress ball when I came down with Lyme disease.  I was planning my wedding.  I have a friend who had a death in the family, another friend who was in a car accident, another friend who had just given birth.  The list goes on.  Our emotions can trigger temporary symptoms and temporary conditions.

Feel free to listen to the radio interview.  Keep an open mind :)


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Great Advice

I took some notes from a conference call we had a few weeks back. Thought I'd share here.

Put away anything out of sight that reminds you that may have an illness. Supplements, medications, IV poles, etc.

Cells take information from thoughts. Emotions, stress or negative thinking is in the matrix or energy field surrounding the cell, responds to it. What you surround yourself with strongly influences your energy body or physical body.

If being in your environment reminds you of not feeling well (supplements, medications, etc). If that is in the environment, aren't you constantly being reminded that something is wrong?
If possible, find a way to get to nature. Backyard, grass, dirt, which is very healing. Kosher earth, the ground, will absorb a lot of info from your body and give you tremendous relief. Hug a tree. Bare feet on the earth. Allow the centers of your feet as anchors down into the earth and now you are very grounded. Your body finds alignment with the natural rhythms of mother earth. Your body finds it healing because it is the earths vibration.
The words we speak have an impact. The feeling behind the word is driving the creation or the manifestation.
Abraham (Abraham-Hicks) would say feeling is everything. (Here on my blog, there is an emotional scale that will help you choose feelings).
-Dr. Vinayak

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My "How To - DIY Videos"

Since I have been feeling so much better, I've been into making "How To" or "DIY" videos.  One is how to make Starbuck's Green Tea Latte and the other is how to make Starbuck's Iced Green Tea.

Here are 2 of the DIY videos I've made thus far.  I hope to make another one soon about how I make my own Liposomal Vitamin C.  I will do a blog post on that soon.  Any day now.  I'm working on it and have all the pics ready, so stay tuned!  Here is some info on the amazing benefits of liposomal Vitamin C.

Enjoy my videos!  But please be kind.  I am a total amateur and just love to save money where I can!