Friday, April 29, 2011

Byron White Formulas

I would love to get off of antibiotics.  I am not getting better.  I feel as though I am getting worse.

I have managed to fund raise a bit so I had some money & I had to choose.  Should I get the bags of sodium chloride (minimum $135) for my IV rocephin or should I get the herbal treatment that many people say helped them more than antibiotics?  I don't feel as though I am getting better being just on rocephin & oral biaxin so.....

I have made a choice.  I will have to stop my IV antibiotics for now.  I will stay on my oral Biaxin.

Here is what I have found to share with you about Byron White Formulas:

A-Bart Datasheet (Bartonella)

These products have a suggested retail price of $89.  They are usually available for purchase only through a practitioner.  You can order them online at or ask your chiropractor, naturopath or doctor get them for you.  

Please comment or contact me and let me know what your experience has been with these.  I will keep everyone updated.

I just found more info on Bryon White via Better Health Guy's blog!  It's from the BioResource 2011 Conference including Dr. Burrascano, Dr. Corson, Dr. Harris, Byron White, Wayne Anderson, ND, & Dr Horowitz.

Thanks Better Health Guy for your great wealth of research & information!
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