Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bicillin injection - Finding blood!

Okay, this was the first try. Sorry for the F Bomb. But if you find blood, & you inject or forget to aspirate, it can kill you. Means you are in a vein.

Bicillin Injection

Sorry about the F Bomb!!!

My laptop has been down . ..

Well, my husband broke the hard drive in my laptop yet again so I have been without one for over a month.  I haven't been feeling so great, so  I haven't been on the computer much.  That would explain my absence from my blog.

A recap of the past couple of weeks:

Got sick about 4 days before the fundraiser/awareness walk so I couldn't make it.  My husband & his family & a couple of friends went anyway.  My dad was out of town visiting his mother & I was feeling so sick that I had my mom come here to take care of me instead of going to the walk.  Nicest part of the walk was one of my BFF's learned a lot about Lyme Disease and I think that helped her to understand me more.

I never heard from the walks coordinator after that, so I didn't get any help with my fundraising.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

So I ended up spending 8 days in bed.  That miserable hangover feeling.  It sucked.  And then we had the garage sale on Saturday.  I started to feel better a few days before & on that day I did well.  We made $537!  It was enough to pay for a month of one of my antibiotics.  I need to figure out more fundraisers though because I need many thousands of dollars!!  Doing another garage sale this weekend.  Not as much stuff, but I am hoping some how some people will donate more stuff by tomorrow.

True2Life donated one of their 8 Day Liver Detox Kits to me.  That's cool!  I felt great after my last detox.  I was going to start today but started having pain in my lower right abdomen.  Could be my appendix, so I am holding off on the liver cleanse until pain is gone.  Appendix is attached to your large intestine & this cleanse on the 2nd day brings on a lot of bowel movement.  So . . .. we wait a bit.

I went to see my doc 2 days ago in his Beverly Hills office.  I like him. He's not my LLMD, but he takes my insurance.  He's keeping me on Bicillin & adding Biaxin for Mycoplasma.  Doing a week trial run to make sure it doesn't cause tinnitus like zithromax did.  The tinnitus showed up after 2 days on Zithro & stopped after I stopped the medication (3 days later).  It can be permanent & it was very unpleasant.  I forgot to talk to him about how to treat the Q Fever which can become chronic also.  Doxy?  UGH!  I couldn't take that.  Make me drop weight like a wrestler or a super model.

So we are waiting and seeing.  I am happy to be attacking my known co-infections now.  Maybe this is the boost I need.  Cross your fingers that I can tolerate it.  Doc also took some blood work because I have been having abdominal pain & he said I should be having monthly blood draws.  I will go to him monthly, which is fine because my insurance pays for it.  It's a long drive, but we're going to stick with going to his Malibu office so we can see the ocean at least.  It's lovely. 

I am happy to report that my Malibu/BevHills doc was able to find me lower cost Bicillin!  YAY!  I was paying $700 for 10 injections at McGuff.  I am now paying $525 for 10 with free overnight delivery via courier to my door!  WestAid Pharmacy in LA.  The Biaxin was going to cost me $269 at Walgreens but is only $60 at WestAid!  Here is their number if you ever want to price them  1-800-939-9495

I hope everyone is doing well.  HANG IN THERE!!  My headaches are NOT my friend!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I have been doing so well.  So well in fact that my chief complaints are only sleepiness & muscle weakness.  I am still worn down at the end of the night & if I do too much.  But I'm getting there. 

Thank you detox
Thank you Nuriche
Thank you Bicillin
Thank you Dr. B
Thank you Dr. P
Thank you hubs (even though you are a pain in my butt sometimes)
Thank you mom
Thank you to all my supportive friends on Facebook & here on online outer space
Thank you to everyone who told me not to give up
(all in no particular order, just what came to mind)

Now I need to raise money to treat Q Fever, Mycoplasma, Babesia & any other bastards that are trying to kill me. 

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month
We are doing a fundraiser/awareness walk up in Hesperia, CA on May 15th to raise money for myself and a few other "lymeheads" (someone on Facebook gave me that term & I cannot remember who).

I am doing a huge garage sale & asking friends, family & friends of friends to donate items to sell that will happen March 22nd.

My friend Leslie says she will help me to plan a poker party fundraiser.  Now that sounds like fun!

And the grand finally. .. . . .  .  a big huge NATIONWIDE RALLY for Lyme Disease.  Date TBA.  If you are interested in organizing in your area, please let me know!  This is very important & no matter how sick you are, we need your support.  Get your friends, you family, your co-workers, your neighbors in on it.  

xoxo!  To life!!!!  Cheers.