My Protocol

UPDATE 6/14/2012:
I no longer take any medications at all except for the occasional Ativan.  I continue to use a regular MD to keep up on blood work and assure everything looks good.  The only treatment I am doing is homeopathic since December 2011.  I had my PiCC line pulled in November 2011 after years of failed conventional treatment.  I am not 100% YET but I will be soon.

Current protocol:
IV Rocephin: 2 grams twice per day.  Pulsing, 4 days on, 3 days off.

Oral Biaxin 500mg twice per day.  I stopped taking it a few days ago because I mixed it with morphine & it caused or HORRIBLE reaction.  I've been on it forever, ready to switch things up.  Going to see doc on Thurs.

Teasel Root Extract: Now up to 2 drops per day.  Was on 5, however, had a horrible herx with major seizure that landed me in ER. So, slowly ramping up.

Probiotics:  Ortho Molecular - Ortho Biotic 60 Caps  Once per day, I've been out for a couple weeks, not good.  Ordered some more.  Money is tight.  I am going to ask my doc to add VSL #3 a prescription probiotic to my protocol so I will just have to have an insurance co-pay.  But I won't stop taking the Ortho-Biotic, as I know it's the best out there.  You should rotate probiotics anyway.  (I forgot to ask for the VLS #3!)

Low Dose Naltrexone: (LDN) 3mg at night before bed.

Ursodiol: 300mg in AM (even though I do not have a gallbladder)

I will be adding more shortly.

UPDATE 4/11/11:  I just added some enzymes to my protocol. Ortho Digestzyme - 180 Vcaps
I will be taking them once per day for the 1st week on an empty stomach, then increase by 1 per week.  I am doing this to help break up Biofilms.  If you take them with food, it just helps digest your food.  If you take them on am empty stomach, it helps to break up the Biofilms.

UPDATE 4/28/11:  I added Candida Cleanse with a meal once a day & will up it to twice per day.  This is to help break up biofilms & candida.

UPDATE 5/17/11:  Went to a new doctor that had a PLAN for me.  I will post that later & will post in blog about the appointment.  But for now this is what I am doing including the above unless I have noted that I stopped it:

STOPPED IV Rocephin 2+ weeks ago (on my own, see previous blog post)
STOPPED Teasel Root Extract (because of the herbal product below)
STARTED A-Bart by BioResource for Bartonella

  • 1 drop in water under tongue twice daily, now taking 2 drops under tongue twice daily (see blog post for info on the product) 

Oral Biaxin 500mg twice daily (BID)
Ambien: to sleep at night (works wonders!)
Glycine to avoid early awakening during sleep (2000mg at bedtime to keep from waking up)
Melatonin:   Quantum Nutrition Labs, Melatonin Nano-Plex This is supposed to help me sleep, but more importantly to help my body produce it's own glutathione.