Thursday, January 12, 2012

Green Juice Recipe

I wanted to post the green juice recipe I have been doing daily.  I feel it has really been a factor in healing my body.  When I first started I could literally feel it going into my muscles.  I think "it" specifically was the ginger.  My muscles would tingle and get warm, my entire body would flush.  My husband said he could feel things "firing" in his brain.  In a good way, like things had been connecting that maybe hadn't connected or worked in a while.  We both felt it the other day.  Felt a buzz, but not like an alcohol buzz.  An actually buzzing feeling.

(Choose all organic whenever possible.  The only thing I will slide on is lime because I peel it first.  The most important would be celery & cucumber.  If you can't get organic, don't get it at all.)  Do not peel anything except the lime.
Parsley, celery, apple, lime, cucumber, red leaf lettuce, and  ginger in the middle.  Kale is missing this day.

1 granny smith apple
1 cucumber
1 lime (peeled by knife)
1/3 bunch of kale
1/3 bunch of red leaf lettuce
1/3 bunch of parsley
3 celery pieces (leaves included)
1 chunk 'o ginger (about 2 in piece - I no longer peel this, just wash it)

Sometimes I will do spinach 
(MUST be organic) in place of the lettuce or kale.

Depending on your juicer, this should get you about 16 ounces of juice.  
I just upgraded my juicer and got 28 ounces in the photo above.  Stir it and drink it right away.  It starts to oxidize and lose it's goodness within 30 minutes.  

I had been using a Jack LaLane Juicer prior and it worked fine but since I am a daily juicer and felt I was wasting produce, I upgraded to the Hurom.  It is a different type of juicer.  The Jack LaLane is a centrifuge juicer and it spins around and grinds/shreds the food.  The Hurom is a masticating juicer and it squeezes and presses the juice reserving more enzymes.  The clean up is a lot easier since I upgraded as well.  Regardless, I find juicing to be therapeutic.  Stick with it.  Make it a part of your every day routine.  You'll see changes in your skin, eyes, energy, etc.  

I buy my produce every 3 days.

An FYI:  Carrots and beets have a LOT of sugar so I don't use them but it is entirely up to you.  ENJOY!

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