Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm back! And we are moving!

I had to take my blog down for a while.  I was looking for a place to live & I accidentally sent my blog link with my signature.  I have it in my email signature because I want to spread awareness however I can.  You never know who you may send an email to and it may change their life!  Wondering what their crazy illness is that no doctor can diagnose....  anyway, I have mentioned in my blog many times our financial problems due to my inability to work & the high cost of my medications & supplements.  I didn't want it to cost us getting the house we were trying to rent.  We got the house & time has gone by so I think it is safe to bring it back up.

We are moving to the city of Temecula.  I am happy to report that the entire family (the 4 of us) are equally excited to move.  My husband drives out there almost daily & he has now starting working for a company out there as well.  The kids' high school they will be attending is a GREAT school.  It is a California Distinguished School and has a rating of a 9 out of 10.  The athletics program is wonderful.  I spoke to the athletic director personally & he was a wonderful man that truly cares about the kids at that school.  We was very positive & even promised my 14 year old baseball tryouts!  They already held them, but he promised he'd get a shot at it.  His old school is corrupt in the sports department and I knew it going in, but I didn't realize how much.  I recently heard they are under investigation for the baseball try outs.  My son wants to be a PRO baseball player & being able to play high school baseball would be wonderful for him.  Fingers crossed!  The coach did say he would have to be better than average.  And our 16 year old does swim & they have a great swim team as well.  So thrilled.  She doesn't really have to try out for swim.  He said as long as she can get across the pool without drowning she makes the team.  That's how it was at her old school too.  She gets soooo tan even though swimming is a WINTER sport!

We are all just happy to be getting out of Riverside.  We will also be saving several hundred dollars per month.  Our family will be happier for sure for many reasons.  For hubby & I, we have been wanting to for years.  There is much more to do in Temecula & we are closer to San Diego!  Our ultimate goal!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Good days (and bad)!

The last 3 days have been pretty good.  I didn't take my benedryl the other night, so I didn't sleep, so I felt crappy.  But I managed to go with the hubs to the park with the dogs.  Boy are my poor dogs out of shape!  They were slooooooow.  I got out of the house on Sunday & viewed one house in Temecula & today we viewed 3.  We decided on one that works great for us.  It's $500 less per month & it's 1000 sq ft smaller, so we will probably save on utitilies.  It also doesn't have a pool, but it has several community pools.  The schools are great & close.  We are all very excited.  Both the kids are excited & so is my hubs!  Cross your fingers we get the house.  We need a fresh start.  We need to get out of Riverside.

I need to come up with $480 FAST.  Well, by tomorrow to pay for my last 2 weeks of IV meds.  We're not sure how we're going to do it.  I wonder if when they call for delivery tomorrow if they will deny me.  I'm scared to be honest.  We have an escrow closing any day.  Hopefully by the end of the week.  I need a miracle!  Things work out though.  They always do somehow.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

We have to move :(

So we have to move.  I was freaked out at first, but this is for the best.  We can't afford to stay here anymore.  This has been home for 2 1/2 years, but we need to downsize big time.  We are looking in Temecula.  It's about 45 minutes away, closer to San Diego (our eventual goal).  My husband drives out that way for work a few times a week and his eldest daughter lives out that way also.  We went and looked at one house today it had a GREAT view & a gourmet kitchen..  AWESOME neighborhood.  Has a lot to offer kids.  A lot more than where we live, which I thought was just about the greatest place for kids.  I can't even begin to state the great things about that place.  The schools are great too.  And it's beautiful.  But the house was just way too small.  Both my husband & I agreed we couldn't do it.

So the place we are looking at on Monday will allow us to save $500 a month.  That's significant.  It's not as fancy as I am used to.  But I must admit I have been somewhat spoiled.  So I decided that since I am sick & can't work, this is worth it.  We would drop down a lot more, but we have 2 grown kids & 2 big dogs.  We need more room than a tiny 3 bedroom house could afford.  So we found a 4 bedroom (hubs needs an office) that is in the same nice area.  Same California Distinguished school.  This is perfect, less stress for hubby because it's walking distance to the schools & all the parks & sports centers.  I often times don't drive the kids anywhere because I am sick.  He is so busy trying to keep us afloat & the kids have so many things going on that  it's terrible that I can't do all the driving all the time.  When I feel good, I always drive.

One negative for me personally is that I will be even further away from my doctor.  There is a lyme doc in San Diego, but she doesn't take insurance.  But I only go once a month, so it's not that bad.  We just hate driving!
I am going to Malibu next week to see my doc & my BFF is coming with me.  We had so much fun last time. I will be sad to be moving away from her, but it's only 45 minutes & I think her son's father lives out that way, so I can get her to come out.

Good Days
I had a good day today.  Not great but not terrible either.  I got dressed & got out of the house!  Yesterday was a crap day.  The day before was GOOD though.  I can't remember what I did.  I know I cooked dinner.  Cooked my hubby a great breakfast today & made him a great dinner tonight.  He needs some pampering.  Now I need to go do my IV infusion & then go to bed.  I noticed I have had less muscle twitches lately.  Just had one a few minutes ago and that's what made me realize that they are diminishing.  I got my supplements, so I am really getting on those to help my body heal.  Seems like I get about 2 good days a week. I need to start exercising!  YOGA would be great.

Anyone have any left over IV supplies?
If anyone has any left over IV supplies can you please contact me?  I am trying to save money on my infusions.  Right now I am paying $30 a dose @ $240 a week.  I am trying to purchase all my supplies, meds, seperately, that way I think I can pay about $15 a dose.  

Friday, December 10, 2010

I changed the face of my blog

I hope everyone can read it ok.  If it bothers your eyes, please let me know, I am open to suggestions.  I know a lot of my lyme friends, aka Lymeheads or Lymies have trouble viewing certain things on computers, especially color.  Oh geez, I just realized it's almost 1am.  Grrrr.....  Oh well, I took benedryl over 3 hours ago & my first glycine pill as recommended by my doc.  I could go to sleep, but I like being forced to sleep!  I've actually had a capsule sitting on my lips the entire time I messed with my blog trying to get it just right.  I chose the ocean as my background because the ocean is where I feel my best.  The ocean is where I want to be at all times.  Anywhere but my bed or the couch really.

Well, today was a good day.  I got up & got out.  I also got all my supplements in.  YAY!  I am going to hit it hard.  I'll take a pic of my daily regimen when I can remember.  We went and looked at a new place to rent as we cannot afford this place anymore.  If we get this new place, we will save $300 per month.  Is that significant enough to move?  We may save even more because it's smaller, only has 1 AC unit to run (summers are very hot here) and no pool.  I really value everyone's opinion.  The home is very nice inside & the kitchen is AMAZING. The yard is run down & can use some work.  Biggest bummer is that there is no covered patio.  Riverside needs covered patios.  But there are trees all around, so it may work out.  I looked for cheaper places to rent but anything cheaper than that is either way too small or pretty run down.

I hope everyone had a good day today.  Things are looking up in Sonya's world.  I have definitely needed a boost as of late.  I hope I feel good tomorrow.  If I do, the Christmas tree will go up!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm baaaack!

I got my laptop fixed!!  YAY!  Okay so here I am Facebooking away, etc. 

A lot of real "crap" has been going on in my life lately and I am not sure if I want to be a big fat downer or not.  Real estate market is crap, we can't get our deals to close (not our fault) and therefore no paychecks.  So we haven't been buying my supplements for about the last four months.  Maybe that's why I've been sick?  I last bought my supplements in August & I started taking them just once a day instead of twice a day to save money.  So my hubby borrowed some money so that I could buy my supplements.  They will be here Thursday.  I still have ac ouple I need to get my hands on, but I will.  I am on a mission to get better. 

I am also working with one of my friends to try to buy my Rocephin separately & buy all the supplies separate.  I have lyme friends from Facebook that are helping me out by sending me their left over supplies.  I can really use extensions, caps, & tubing.  If I can collect a lot of stuff, I will just need to get the saline bags & find a supplier for the rocephin 2 gram vials.  If anyone knows where I can get rocephin cheap, please let me know!!  My friend is working on right now to see what they can do.

I still need to fight with my insurance company.  I have put it off because I am a procrastinator.  I am dreading the fight.  But I have to fight them.  I don't know if I have it in me.  Same reason I gave up on the disability fight after 2 denials.  Also, my brain doesn't quite function like it used to.  I can't concentrate and I forget most of what I am doing or what I just did moments before.  I went for a walk last night and didn't remember the walk just about 1 hour later.  I thought about it for a while & remembered starting out on the walk & one part on the way back towards the house but I couldn't remember the rest.  I can remember it right now though.  Strange, very strange.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I have no computer

I have no computer.  Well, the kids have theirs & since they are in high school they are writing a lot of papers.  Then my husband is always working on his.  I just snuck on.  Going to be kicked off any second so he can get back to working.

I found out my hard drive for the laptop is under warranty so I ordered a replacement and should be able to install it.  I think.  I have phone support, so that will work.  Then I'll be back on!

Really quick, I lay around most days.  Had 2 good days the week of Thanksgiving (Sunday & Monday).  Sunday we celebrated Thanksgiving with Adam's family & Monday my bestie & I went to see my doc out in Beverly Hills.  We went to lunch at Urth Cafe.  AMAZING organic local food.  TO DIE FOR.  She wants to go with me to my next doc appt in Malibu so we can go to the shops (window shopping) and maybe eat lunch, walk on the ocean, etc.  I love being with her.  We were great roommates back before we got married, etc.

I have a lot to talk about because a lot of going on, but I'll have to catch y'all up later when I have time.  My husband is almost done with his ice cream cone.  Oop, it's gone.  BYE!