Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Healing from Lyme Disease

I am healing.  I feel I am recovering from this disease.  Yes I have been here once before  Back in July, August, September 2010.  But I was on IV meds and had just gotten off of a round of 8 months of twice weekly injections.  This time it's different.  I am on NO DRUGS what so ever.  Ok, that's not entirely true.  My only prescriptions are Ambien and occasional Ativan.  I don't know if it was the Bionic 880 (I did 8 treatments using nosodes) or the therapy I am currently doing (I have a healer that uses ZYTO).  I am guessing it is a combination of the two and of juicing.  Juicing a green juice every morning reduces the inflammation in my body.  I feel better when I do it. 

I have accomplished more in this month than I have in the past year.  I finally made it to the eye doctor at Costco.  Haven't worn contacts since my wedding in 2009.  I got the exam I needed and FINALLY got new glasses!  I cannot wait for them to come in.  CAN-NOT-WAIT!

I am stronger, healthier, living my life.  I went out to dinner last night with a gift card we got, I have been Christmas shopping three times (in 1 hour increments & close to home), I have been getting dressed in CLOTHES (not sweats or PJ's) daily, and not stuck in the same clothes for 3 days at a time on my good days.  I have been showering almost daily (bad days I may skip it, but even my bad days aren't too too bad anymore). 

I am not saying I am returning to a "normal" level of functioning.  I may never be like I once was or like other "healthy" people.  However, the fact that I can get up out of bed and do things in spurts is amazing to me.  I may still miss out on 2 weeks of life a month, but the other two weeks..... 

This is it guys.  2 years and 5 months of acute illness (and possibly years of it weakening my immune system before hand).  Of being told I should "just get out more", be positive, take an anti-depressant, get back in shape, push myself, of becoming disabled by a disease that isn't truly recognized by ANYONE for what it is and what it is capable of.  I am so grateful to my husband for sticking by me.  For doing his best to get me what I needed regardless of our life circumstances.  With no regard to the people that we thought loved us that tried to bring us down and tear us apart.  He could have abandoned me like most everyone else.  Life would have been so much easier on him...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Daryl Hall talks about living with Lyme Disease...

Pop legend Daryl Hall talks about living with Lyme disease, why he is "ticked off" by the local deer population and how he stays youthful at 65.  (I love him, can you tell?)

See article here

Friday, December 2, 2011

Great News!

Since stopping my antibiotics just about a month ago (+/-), I have not declined. In fact, my husband thinks I've improved. I did go through my lyme cycle (flare) with limited suffering. That is a HUGE plus. Maybe this light therapy that I am doing is working. I have had 6 treatments and if all goes as planned I will finish the 10 treatments within the next 2 weeks. I had 3 consecutive weeks where I could only go once a week. 1 week because of a lack of funds, one week because of the holidays and then this week because I had to cancel an appointment because my husband had horrible food poisoning and couldn't take me. GREAT news (in order of appearance): I was approved fully for disability. After almost 2 years, 2 denials, an attorney and a hearing before an administrative judge, and then a two month wait, the judges decision was "Fully Favorable". It was sometimes a stressful process. I don't think I would have been approved without my attorney. He countered the expert witness testifying against me on several instances. This is a huge relief to me and my husband. I got my PiCC line out!!!!! I have been begging my doctor for months and he finally agreed. It was a fast and
Old picture of my PiCC line

painless process. My skin underneath the dressing is not happy . I have a rash from my stat lock but it will go way. The hole is healing. It is now a little slit where the made the scalpel cut but it isn't sealed yet so I am keeping it covered and sterile. Cannot WAIT to take a normal shower!!!! I will also try to find some way to be submerged in water. 17 months is a long time to go without full submerging! 2 summers no swimming!! Not that I've felt well enough to go swimming often, but it would be nice to cool off in the heat and be able to wade in the ocean. A hot tub and bath will be nice, and I am hoping I can do some swimming for therapy. I feel FREE!!! I feel liberated!! I hope I never have to get another one. 2 was plenty.
I have the hole covered and the rash exposed so it can heal.

 And finally, my stepson made the HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL TEAM! He has tried out twice and not made it and this year, he has made the JV team! We are THRILLED and so proud of him. This is a REALLY big deal as baseball is his life. He hopes to become a professional baseball player one day.

There is some not so good news..... My oldest and largest dog, Rover (we call him big boy) was unable to get up off my bathroom floor the other morning. I had slept in and when I awoke, I knew something wasn't right with him. Home alone, no way to get him down the stairs (95lbs) and to the vet, I stayed with him until I could reach my husband and he could make it home. He did not appear to be in any pain, just couldn't get up. So I took all his vitals (temp, respiratory rate, heart rate) and just sat on the bathroom floor petting him. We got him in the car (with difficulty) and to the vet. The vet seemed to suspect something right away and he was right. Rover has a large mass on his spleen. We are to just spoil him and give him love until the time comes or he let's us know it's time for us to intervene. The vet's own dog happens to have the same issue. We love our Big Boy and will do all we can to keep him comfortable but will not allow him to suffer. He is very valuable to our family. He is a fearless guard dog and an all around good family dog. Love all members equally. My handsome boy.....