Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doctor tomorrow & update

2 weeks ago, I started to feel better.  Not a "good" day where I do my hair and make up and get out of the house, that really hasn't happened since my last doctor appointment 2 weeks ago and even then, I didn't even get a chance to shower.  My friend had donated IV glutathione (doctor's ok) to me and I also started doxycycline.  Not sure which it is.  I started the doxycyline to combat the Anaplasma that I tested IgM positive for.  I think it was IgM, it's the 2nd one, I get them confused.  but it also helps with lyme and I was watching the Burrascano DVD from the March 21st conference in Northern California and it does something that I can't remember now.  Go figure.  I started with 100mg of doxy twice daily and then eventually upped it to 2 - 100mg doxy twice daily.  Doing ok.  Still doing the IV rocephin twice daily 3 days a week.

I also think the 2 week Alinia pulse helped to possibly open some cysts and kill some parasites, so when I did my IV rocephin pulse, things died.  I herxed mildly.  I think I posted previously that on the first 3 days of just 1 dose of Alinia per day, I herxed pretty good for 3 consecutive days.

I am excited to see my doctor tomorrow and will watch more of the Burrascano DVD today as I have started a list of questions.  One thing I LOVE about my new doc is that he can answer my questions!  I get excited to go because it seems like I learn something new and I am on my path to wellness (again).

Blessings and Bloodwork

The other thing I am excited about is that I was blessed in several ways.  In one day, someone donated the money I need to get my Igenex co-infection test done.  I only needed another $195 since LymeTap funded the other $580.  So I'll be getting that test done tomorrow.  I love to see what new surprises my last blood test I did at his office will bring me as well.

We tested for HHV-6.  Has anyone had experience treating HHV-6 with Valcyte?

I also was able to get the doxycycline and the Alinia that I needed to cover this month and also able to help out another person with their medications at the same time.  Yay to my girlfriend from high school and another perfect stranger for making that happen for me.  I also had a friend saving some IV supplies that I DESPERATELY neeed (saline & heparin flushes & dressing change kits).  My grandpa gave me some money for my birthday and I was able to send her the money to be able to ship it (she is in the same situation as most of us, no money).  I also had a friend of one of my BFF's who is also disabled call me and offer to help in what way she could.  It was so sweet.  She really wanted to help me and she is sending me a check for $25.  It was such a sweet gesture  to call me and we have both been friends with my BFF for many, many years yet have only met once!  I had several people help me and  it all came within 24 hours.  It's giving me hope and faith.

I saw someone on Facebook mention that their wife recovered from lyme after a year of IV antibiotics.  I emailed her and asked her what antibiotic & she said Rocephin.  She said, stick with it!  I am so glad I got back on it.  There was a reason I stopped for a couple of months.   A. to give my body a break and B. to let my mind know that it was working.  I started to herx mildly right away, and it straightened out my menstrual cycle right away. So instead of having my Lyme Cycle every 3 weeks (they come together for most women) I am now back to every 8 weeks.  I was able to skip last lyme cycle like I was before, I was only getting my lyme cycle with every other menstrual cycle.  So here comes my cycle.  Supposed to hit on Friday and I'm already feeling my Lyme Cycle come on.  Not going to be fun having to go to the doctor.  But the temperature out there is so much cooler and I hope hubby gives me a chance to go for a quick stroll on the beach.

My husband has been working 3 jobs.  Having to hire the attorney a couple of months back really put us in a worse situation than we were already in.  Struggling to make ends meet.  To keep gas in our cars, our kids & animals fed, and trying to keep our car and house at the same time.  I am glad that is over with even though it has left a deep wound in our lives.  My husband is my hero and so are all of you.......

Thank you for being there.  Thank you for taking care of me friends.  Thanks Jen for the wonderful birthday gift!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Please Vote for Anne's Lyme Awareness Video!

Please vote for my friend Anne Mears!  She created a video and submitted it to Capella University to win a scholarship.  She is on a mission to spread awareness of Lyme Disease throughout Southern California.  Please vote for her video.  The instructions and the link are from her below:

I have moved into 7th place, with over 100 votes needed to get into 6th place. Go to scroll down to the Public Service section. That is the first section. Click on the “Most Recent” tab, and then scroll to the right one time. My video will be in the middle, named “Lyme Awareness Booth”. Click on the video and scroll back to the top, where the video will be playing. The Vote button will be on the right side of the screen. You can vote once each day. If I win, I will receive a $10,000 scholarship for my doctoral studies.