Friday, January 29, 2010

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I FEEL GOOD! And more on Teasel

Feeling Good
Okay people, I have been feeling GOOD.  8 days straight.  This is a record.  Only complaint I have is some back pain (I've always had back pain) & muscle weakness.  I wish the muscle weakness would go away.  I've never felt this good & had muscle weakness at the same time.  Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.  Sleep hasn't been that good to me the past week, but it's ok, I feel good.

I have cooked dinner 3 nights in a row!  Tuna Noodle Casserole one night, Steak, mashed potatoes &  roasted asparagus the next (for company, mind you) and Mock Chow Mein (rice, mushrooms, celery, ground beef, cream of mushroom soup & soy sauce) last night.  I have also left my house for some reason or another 7 days in a row.  I will leave my house today probably to go to the store to buy things to make for dinner.  Stuffed cabbage perhaps??

More on Teasel

I previously posted about a weed called Teasel & how it supposedly moved the lyme out of the joints & tissues & into the blood stream so that it is more vulnerable to attack.   I have been lazy about doing research on Teasel because I have been feeling good.  And who wants to be thinking about Lyme Disease when they feel decent?  Not me.  But I found an interesting article someone wrote about it & it has me sold.  There is a scary part in there about a genital rash, but I guess it's rare.  So I will not let that scare me away.  We've seen worse, right?  A genital rash is nothing compared to neurological craziness, right?  2 people had the rash.  I'll take my chances (I have a stash of hydrocortisone in my medicine cabinet for emergencies).

Here is the article titled, Teasel, MY new friend!  Now I need to find a place to buy some at a reasonable price.

I feel good, oh I feel so good (use cheerleader voice)!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Past two days I've been feeling better.  80%.  Yesterday I got out of the house & went to two grocery stores!  I didn't want to go home because I hadn't been out of the house in weeks, but we don't really have money to spend and there wasn't much else to do.  So today we took the dogs to the park (they loved it) & the sun was out & it was nice.  We walked around the park, & then I came home & cleaned my kitchen.  SCRUBBED my kitchen.  I decided I wanted to catch up on some much needed cleaning & didn't have the right cleansers so I ran to Walgreens (by myself, mind you) & got what I needed.  I blasted the music in my car & had the window rolled down.  I felt alive . . . like I am with the living.  Instead of just existing.  Came home and finished my now shiny kitchen. I ate a little salad & then showered & hubby took me to our favorite hole in the wall restaurant.  I barely made it through dinner without falling asleep.  Got in my PJ's & went downstairs with my tea to watch "Critical Condition" on Dateline NBC.  It's about our horrible health care system.  It was sad & made me cry.  My heart rate went up to 105 so we turned off the tv & went to my friends to check my blood pressure.  All is well, I took a benedryl, and now I am laying in bed about to read myself to sleep.  Just picked up book number two in the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich.  I loved the first one & have 10 total to read!  My friend Nicole from high school sent me a huge box of books to read.  Pretty nice of her, huh?  Well, off to solve crime with my new book.
One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, No. 1)    Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum, No. 2)

P.S.  I almost forgot to mention!!  My in laws gave us their Wii!!  YAY!!  Now we have Rockband & some dance game & I am going to get the Wii Fit so I can do some yoga.  My muscles are mush!!  I am so excited!  I just need hubby to get off his keister & set it up (we still don't have our Blu Ray player hooked up).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fatigue & a new herb??

UUUGGGHhhh!  If this fatigue would lift, I swear I would be so much better!  I have been doing well for about 20 days except for a few bad days here & there.  It's just that I can't get off the bed or the couch because I am so exhausted.  But beggars can't be choosers, right?  Also, it's been raining cats & dogs & my pool is going to over flow into my already flooded backyard. 

On another note . . .
I just added some more info to my HBOT post & also found something very interesting that I am going to reseach further:

Teasel  It's an herb that you drop under your tongue 3 times a day.  It's supposed to drive the spirochetes (lyme bacteria) out of the tissues and into the blood stream so that the antibiotics can attack it!  HMMMMmmm.  I am going to do some more research & consider adding it to my protocol.  In the meantime, you do your own research as well.  Here is where I have started, CLICK HERE.

Have you ever tried it?  Let me know.

I am still waiting for Igenex to send me the proper Western Blot test kit.  I am only going to have my Western Blot done, not the co-infections.  The Western Blot is $475 OUT OF POCKET.  But I need it and I need it to be CDC positive so that I can get insurance to cover 30 days of my PiCC line IV treatment.  Not sure how we are going to come up with the $475 & still pay our rent, but hubby does his best to make it happen.  We have had to put off a TON of tests due to the financial challenge lyme presents us with.  Once again, I do have insurance, it just doesn't pay for anything.  SO WHAT'S THE POINT?!?!?  Uggghhh.

Now I need to go eat something (anything) before I pass away from malnutrition or low blood sugar.  Gluten free raisin toast & some baby carrots aren't cutting it today!!  Looks like it's going to be pizza full of gluten because that's all there is in the fridge!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lyme Disease info

I am going to post some good information that I have found while searching the web. I will post them as links because I did not write this myself.  I find this information invaluable. Take everything written with a grain of salt because these people are not doctors. But they are people that have been living with Lyme Disease much longer than I have.

The first link is titled Late Stage Lyme Disease. I don't think I am in late stage, however, most of this stuff applies to me and anyone with Lyme Disease.  I completely related to it when reading it and so will you. Click here, very good read. Everyone with Lyme Disease should read it.

This next one is taken from Connie Strasheim's Wellsphere blog.  My mom bought me her book when I was diagnosed.  I read through most of it.  Anyway, she took notes while she was at the ILADS conference & I learned something new!!  Very good stuff, Click here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Detoxing, herxing, & blessings

Many LLMD's believe if you don't detox properly, you will not be able to rid your body of Lyme Disease & it's co-infections.  I think that is true.  Lyme disease produces neurotoxins.  I am already taking my super antioxidant OPCxtra and have been feeling better than ever.  Like I said before, could just be my Bicillin treatment, could be the antioxidants.  Who knows.  I have also been using the pH drops to make my water more alkaline.  Now I am back on and buying Chlorella.  Here is what one website has to say about Chlorella:
Aids your body in its natural removal of potential toxins from your system*

Acts as an efficient detoxification agent to help rid your body of toxins*

Serves as an "intelligent" algae by not binding to (and therefore not removing) essential nutrients you need

Just like your passion for the environment, you're determined to clean up and detoxify your own body as well*

Boosts your immune system*

Provides your body with an added defense mechanism*

Helps strengthen your overall immune system response*

You'll feel good about giving yourself an added boost to promote your healthy lifestyle*

Helps you better digest your food*

Delivers enzymes such as pepsin and chlorophyllase ,which promote your healthy digestion*

Helps support an efficient elimination system by boosting growth of beneficial flora in your intestinal tract*

Just by doing everything possible to get optimal benefits from the food you eat, you'll make an important step in taking control of your health

Freshens your breath *

Helps freshen your breath with chlorophyll*

Aids in reducing elimination odors*

You'll feel more confident knowing you have fresh, healthy breath -- to go with your vibrant smile*

Delivers a natural antioxidant in the form of beta-carotene*

Helps boost your immune system with its antioxidant content*

Provides your body with potential added defense against free radicals*

You'll be ready to face your day with a positive outlook, knowing your body has an added boost*

**I got this info from this website: even though I didn't order it from that site.
Dr. Klinghardt's protocol also includes Chlorella.  I'm taking it!  When I get it I'll let you know my experience.  I am also looking into Burbur for detox & help wtih herxing even though I don't herx much.  My herxing is usually nausea.  But I also take Milk Thistle & Low Dose Naltrexone and those two items are supposed to help in reducing herx symptoms.  So maybe I herx but it doesn't really effect me.  I feel lucky :) 
Today I felt like I was herxing for a short bit.  I took two droppersful of my Artemesia & Clove today and will take more later.  Maybe this is the herx I was so afraid to get with Artemesia to begin with.  I wrote to BioRay & they got back to me about my confusion as to how much Artemesia was in each dropperful & how much Grapefruit Seed Extract.  So now I'm clear on that. 
I will also be stocking up on all of my regular supplements.  If you recall about 3 weeks ago I had ordered similar versions of some of my expensive supplements by different makers for much lower prices.  So far so good.  I haven't had any problems, so I am ordering more to stock up.  I will also be ordering Aloe Vera Juice.  Never tried it so I will order a small bottle.  Let you know how that goes as well.
Today I received a blessing.  A TRUE blessing.  I knew I was getting low on supplements & wondered how I was going to pay for it.  If all else failed, I would have to put it on a credit card, like so many other things, but you don't want to do that if you can help it.  Someone knocked on my door & gave me $75.  I was confused at first.  I know this person, but couldn't understand when I had loaned them money or why they would be at my front door handing me money.  A mini-fund raiser basically.  Not necessarily meant for me, but decided that I would be the recipient.  Well, I made my ugly cry face & started crying & instantly thought of my much needed supplements & so I didn't refuse the money.  I cried & hugged & thanked.  Blessings.  Thank you!!!
It's been raining cats & dogs here.  I like it but I can't get my dogs outside to potty on their own.  Southern California wimps!  And Mango, the dobie has panic attacks with the Thunder.  Poor girl.  Mud slides, storms, fires, tornado watches (yes, that's right), several earthquakes recently.  We've got it all.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Things are changing . . .

This is a good thing.  People "ahead" of me in treatment say that every month I will improve.  Even if it's just slightly.  Well, this lyme cycle (and it may not be over) didn't seem to last long.  I think I am in the worst of it and I feel OK!  I had a rough day 2 days ago (neck pain & stiffness & headache) & it comes and goes.  I have had a day or two where i am at 60%, but yesterday I was at 75% and I got a massage :)  Thankfully there is someone near me that is kind to me.  Thanks Amanda!!  While I am getting massaged, I can literally feel it breaking up the toxins in my tissues so that I can flush them away.  I even took the doberman to the park for about 15 minutes BY MYSELF and I drove by myself and stopped at the store to pick up some duraflames & milk.  It's raining & storming here.  So if I can't go for a walk, I need a fire. 

I took a nap yesterday (no one was home), a HUGE feat!  And last night I figured I may try to sleep without Benedryl or Ativan.  Guess what, I did!!  I even took my Low Dose Naltrexone that disrupts sleep & I had no problem.  I feel very positive lately. 

I have also noticed lately the following improvements:
I don't get "quite" as weak as I once did (could barely walk & had a lot of trouble getting up).
My glands near my armpits no longer hurt (they hurt for months).
I think my tinnitus has lessened or is gone.
I have WAY less muscle pain (Fibromyalgia).
Lessened headaches (not as frequent & not as bad).
Better mood.
No depression. :)
I haven't gotten a cold or flu.

I just wish my energy levels would improve.  I seem to get my energy at 9pm.  I need to talk to my LLMD about adrenal support.  Maybe I won't need a PiCC line after all :)

I started taking my Artemesia & Clove a couple of weeks ago every other day.  I am not up to two dropperfuls when I take it.  I need to do it twice a day though.  No herxing.  No problems.

**I wonder if the OPCxtra has anything to do with this??  Or the Kambucha.  Hmmmm .  ..  I'm not going to stop taking it just in case.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interview with Daryl Hall (From Hall & Oates) by Brooke Landau

Brooke Landau is a News Caster.  She is a lyme survivor.  She interviewed Daryl Hall from Hall & Oates about his Lyme Disease treatment & survival.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


If you have Lyme Disease, you probably feel guilty a lot.  For not doing enough for your kids, your spouse, your family, your pets.  For how much it costs for treatment & how much every member of your family has to sacrifice for your care, meds, supplemnts, diet, etc.   Guilty, because you may lay around all day while every one else picks up the slack. 

On another note, my feeling good didn't last.  That always happens, you wait days to post because you don't want to jinx yourself.  And then you post and for me a few hours later. . . .  It's okay though, because I am not at my worst.  Just back to not really doing anything. 

Oh I forgot to post yesterday that I have noticed the past 4-5 days+ that my hair is no longer shedding!!  I am losing the normal amount of hairs!! YAY!!  Only thing I did was add the OPC stuff, but that can't be it, right?  Especially when dealing with the hair, it wouldn't help that fast, right?  Well, whatever it was, I'm happy about it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Adam & I before our date!

I don't "look" sick, now do I?

Feelin' Good & Things I've Added to My Protocol.

Feelin' Good
I've been "away" from blogging for a few days because I have been feeling good.  My hubby & I actually went out on a date Friday night.  We went to dinner at our favorite local Thai restuarant.  It was so nice to get dressed & go out.  I even had a glass of wine.  I'll post some pics we took.  Actually since "good" is what I have always considered 80% I am feeling "good-er".  Yesterday I could probably say that I was 85%-90%.  Which is great.  I took my dogs to the park with my hubby & I even ran a little (not the sprints I used to do wtih them) to let them chase me.  It was so warm here, probably 75 degrees, shorts & t-shirt weather.  Then we walked around the park a little.  My dogs loved it and so did I.  It felt so good.  But in the back of my mind, I know this isn't going to last long.  So I have been enjoying it.  Taking the time to sit outside in the backyard with the dogs sunbathing.  I also made it out to hubbies eldest daughteres new apartment.  She made us dinner.  It was such a cute place.  It was a nice time.  My only complaint lately is that even though I am taking a full bendryl pill ( I was only taking 1/2), I am still awaking early & having trouble staying asleep.  hmmm...  So  I am tired during the day.  I tried to take a nap yesterday but the kids wouldn't let me (every noise wakes me up).  Oh well. 

I am tired right now, and that is about it.  So it makes me feel lazy.  But I am going to go take a bath & read my book that a friend loaned me, The Lovely Bones (I'll see the movie when I'm done with the book). 
It's pretty darn good so far.  The Lovely Bones: A Novel

Things I've added to my protocol

I had heard about OPC's from some other Lyme patients online & also read about them.  There are some expensive products out there, but I have found one that is not so expensive & has an added benefit.  This one is called OPCXtra.  It is Isotonic like the more expensive brands but also has the added benefit of  decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, which is an EGCG.  I have been feeling pretty good, and I have only been taking it for the past 4 days.  Not sure if this is why I feel so good, I'm sure it's just part of the lyme cycle, but I'm liking it so far.  I mix it in the morning & drink it on an empty stomach.  $39.95 for a 90 day supply, free shipping, & I got it fast.  Not too shabby.

I am also going to make it out to Clark's Nutrition to buy some Kombucha Tea made by Millennium.  This stuff seems to be pretty amazing!  My friend Kristy recommended it to me & she swears by it to keep herself well.  She was nice enough to send me an email with all the benefits of Kombucha & some interesting facts relating to Lyme Disease & Kombucha.  Now, I already drink plain kefir twice a day (bleh!).  Either made from goat's milk or coconut milk and had trouble making my own kefir (I will try again & let you know how that goes).  But Kombucha seems better than kefir.  It has live active enzymes, probiotics (including S. Boulardii, 1 billion CFU's), Polyphenols, & Organic Acids.  Here's what Kristy sent me:What's in Kombucha and how do these ingredients support health?

Kombucha culture has a wide range of organic acids, probiotics, acids and enzymes that give it its extraordinary value. Here’s a brief look at the benefits of each:

Beneficial Probiotics - Due to the prolific presence of pesticides, antibiotics, and preservatives, the beneficial micro-organisms present in our bodies are being destroyed and killed off on a regular basis. These friendly microbes play a huge role in our digestive and immune systems. Therefore, it is crucial that they are replenished from natural sources like kefir, yogurt, and Kombucha. Our beverages contain Lactobacillus Bacterium and S. Boulardii, which can help support a healthy digestive and immune system.

Live Active Enzymes - Active Enzymes are generally only found in foods that have not been cooked, processed, or refined. They are like the “spark plugs” for the body’s cells because they put “life” back in our bodies. If you think about it, the body is a living thing; why would you feed it something that is dead?

Polyphenols - These are antioxidants that fight off the free-radicals that stress the body and compromise its youth and health.

Organic Acids - These nutrients can help promote tissue and blood alkalinity and help normalize the natural process of homeostasis throughout the body.  Lactic acid helps maintain healthy digestive action (through the probiotic lactobacilli) and for energy production by the liver Acetic acid is an antiseptic and inhibitor of pathogenic bacteria. Glucuronic acid, normally produced by a healthy liver, is a powerful detoxifier and can readily be converted into glucosamines, the foundation of our skeletal system. Usnic acid has selective antibiotic qualities which can partly deactivate viruses. Oxalic acid encourages the intercellular production of energy, and is a preservative. Malic acid also helps the liver to detoxify. Butyric acid protects human cellular membranes, and combined with Gluconic acid strengthens the walls of the gut in order to combat yeast infections such as Candida. Nucleic acids, like RNA and DNA, transmit information to the cells on how to perform correctly and regenerate.

Click here for more info on Kombucha & how it can help with Lyme Disease.  Thanks Kristy!

I also started using the pH drops that I ordered from Lucky Vitamin.  It is supposed to make your body more alkaline and less acidic (Lyme & Co like acidic environments) & help with detox.  I just add the drops to my water every time I refill my glass.  I will also do some research on Chlorella for detox & then let everyone know what I find.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

HBOT - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I am exploring alternative treatments. And since my new "lymie" friend in Greece is going to start HBOT treatments on Monday, I thought I would look more into it.  It had me intrigued. Below is a link to some great information I found on HBOT for Lyme Disease treatment & co-infections. It explains how it works. If you have ever had experience with HBOT, please let me know.

Jan. 22, 2010 UPDATE:
Another great link on a study of HBOT with Lyme Disease:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On the upswing.

So I started to feel better 2 nights ago. At 9pm, I started getting energy & dreaded taking my nightly benedryl to go to sleep. BUT sleep is important & I don't get to nap so . . .

I woke up yesterday feeling better. Still very weak (neurological muscle weakness) but not feeling "sick". I always feel like I have the flu. It was nice. So I decided to take the Christmas decorations down off the tree FINALLY! The 13 year old was kind enough to help me. He's always very helpful (I wonder how long that will last). So it felt good & I felt productive. I feel guilty laying around all day looking at my dirty house or bedroom knowing that things need to get done. No matter how sick I am, I always manage to go pick up dog poop from the back yard if the kids haven't done it in a while. It's a dirty job, but HUBBY ain't doin' it.

Later, we went to my in-laws house to have hubby & the 13 year olds hair cut. Just to get out of the house. Practically the whole family happened to be there. It was nice. I left them the Under Our Skin movie to watch.
When I got home, some of my childhood friends called me to Skype. They are brothers. Twins. They were together & so we chatted it up for about 45 minutes. It was fun to "see" them. I love Skype!

By the end of the day my muscles were killing me & my lower back so I opted to read a book in a bath with epsom salts. Leslie, my hubbies transaction coordinator came by & brought me 'The Lovely Bones'. Read 67 pages. It's really good. When I first got Lyme I couldn't even read a paragraph. Now I can read & read & read :)

Today too was a good day. I even got out of the house a bit to an appointment & then for a decent walk with the kids and the dogs. It was nice. My only complaint is that my lower back is hurting and my mucles are still really weak. MAN!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear God,

Every night I come out here and I stare at these same stars and I pray. I pray for the same things...
A cure for Lyme Disease.
That my health will improve with every new day. That Chris will come out of his coma & lead a happy life. And lately that Baby Aaden's seizures will pass with no significant damage to him. That my husband will have the strength that he needs to deal with my illness, my ups & downs, be able to work twice as hard (because he does non-stop), and get more business. That you (God) will watch over my parents & my family & that they will always be safe & healthy. That my friend Amy will get thru whatever illness or anxiety she is going through.

I pray as I look up at what I believe to be the big & little dipper.

I pray hard.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Food, a Gluten-Free Diet & Me!

See that?  That there is what I was just downstairs making in my crock pot.  Soon it will be Split Pea Soup.  My friend Amy gave me some left over ham & a shank & I looooooooooooooove me some ham (it's not organic, but it was FREE). 

I have lost a lot of weight since Lyme Disease.   Look at a picture of me a year ago & I almost look "chubby".  I was about 118 lbs on average.  Now I struggle to stay above the 100 mark.  I am 5' 2", one pound on me is significant.  I am back up to 101 & I want to go back to the 103 I had worked so hard to get to.  110 lbs is my ideal weight.  But I also have lost a lot of muscle mass.  I'm not able to walk as much, run around with my dogs, or ride my bicycle.  Let alone work out.

Besides the Lyme Disease, I think part of the reason for the weight loss is a strict diet that my LLMD put me on.  She feels it's important if you want to recover.  It has a lot to do with the immune system & the bacteria that is Lyme Disease.  I am supposed to be gluten, casein, soy, & sugar free.  Supposedly, the lyme bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi) "feeds" off of sugar.  That would explain my intense sugar cravings the entire month before my diagnosis.  It was crazy.  Hubby would run out late at night to get me a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or Cold Stone Creamery ice cream that I just HAD to have.  Not normal for me.  I've never craved chocolate until Lyme Disease.  So now I have to starve the bacteria of what it wants.  SUGAR.  I use organic agave nectar or Stevia to sweeten things if I need to.  And I avoid all juices (except to take my Artemesia & Clove drops) and the only fruits I eat are Granny Smith apples , freeze dried apples, and berries.  All ORGANIC.  Most of what I eat is organic.  As pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc are not good for your immune system.  I try to only eat GRASS FED meats & FREE RANGE chicken & eggs.  Ideally, my doc would like me to stay away from egg yolks (highly allergenic) but I don't get enough food as it is. 

Another big thing that I've noticed with Lyme Disease sufferers is that the majority of them are GLUTEN-FREE.  My doctor highly advises this as well.  Reason being is that since gluten can cause an allergic reaction, it can lower your immune system function.  It is very hard to be gluten free but I stick to it.  I mean, I think I have cheated 3 times in the past 3 months and it was all around Christmas time. 

Today I stumbled upon a website/blog that has some awesome gluten free recipes that I am dying to try out.  Not only is it gluten free, but she also uses agave nectar!  She uses blanched almond flour.  I need to get me some of that!!  She is also having a contest where you can win her cookbook & a 5 lbs bag of the almond flour!  Here is the blog/website:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Start of 2010

New Years Eve

So I had a great night for New Years Eve.  Our friends Angela & Rick invited us over for dinner.  It was sooo delicious.  Steak, asparagus, mushrooms, & mashed potatoes.  We watched Travis Pastrana jump his car over the water at the Long Beach Pier.  That was exciting and cool.  I had been feeling pretty bad & discouraged lately.  Even earlier that day.  But late that afternoon, I started feeling better.  And I was actually feeling good (80%) for the evening.  We got home around 10pm & I was supposed to get a Bicillin injection, but since it was so late, we decided to put it off until the next day.  It usually takes me about an hour for me to even let him stick in the needle.  Then we have to go for a walk around the block afterwards.  So hubby went to sleep & I stayed up & cleaned my room a bit.  Having that I have been in bed pretty much 24/7 since the 21st of December, I appreciated the energy.  Even & I watched the countdown on TV & rang in the new year.  Our neighbors like to light off fireworks & some even go up in the air for the big display.  They are nice to look at  but Mango, the doberman hates them!  She was so freaked out.  Ever seen a dog have a panic attack?  Not fun.  We don't look forward to New Years Eve or 4th of July for that reason.

New Years Day
After my good night, I woke up yesterday, New Years Day feeling like I had been hit by a mack truck.  Man!  Oh well, I had 5 good hours.  So I stayed in bed all day.  Had to get my injection, so I took an ativan around 5'ish, took a shower, and then warmed up my bum.  This time, I surprised hubby by letting him stab me with the needle right away.  It truly takes me about an hour to negotiate with myself to let the needle go in.  Wimp, I know.  This one barely hurt.  THANK GOD!  The 2 shots before that hurt like the dickens.  I think he put the needle in where i have scar tissue.  You can feel it in each of my cheeks now.  You need to not get it in the scar tissue becuase it can have trouble absorbing.  It's swollen today, but we'll see.  He said he's not much of a dart thrower.  I was happy to have it over with so we went for our walk & then I relized we had a Duraflame log so I lit a fire & we watched a movie.  It was nice because hubby had cleaned the kitchen earlier that day.  Nice relaxing evening & I started to feel a little better.  I even started a couple loads of laundry.

Here's what my Bicillin Injection looks like:

I woke up today NOT feeling like I had been hit by a mack truck.  HOORAY!  So I thought was going to be an 80% day.  Not so much.  More like 70%.  I was out of bed by 12:30pm!!  Took a shower & it was nice & warm out (70s) so we took our very deserving 3 dogs to the park.  Well ended up on the side of the big church because all the fields were taken up by kids playing baseball.  Boy are these dogs out of shape!!  They haven't been to the park for 6 months, since I've been sick.  They tired quickly & so did I.  Once I got out of the car, I realized I had no energy.  So I just strolled around.  I'm glad the dogs got out.   They enjoyed themselves.  And they were well behaved off leash.  Came home & was actually tired so after having a snack, I decided to try to take a nap.   Since having Lyme, I haven't been able to sleep.  To go to sleep at night, I take a Benedryl.  I used to nap whenever I could before Lyme.  I may stay in bed all day, but I have NEVER napped.  But today there was a yawn, so I begged hubby & the one kid that was home to please be quiet so that I may actually sleep.  I put on my new Ipod, turned it to some guided meditation I downloaded & within about 20 minutes I was asleep.  AAAaaahhhhh,  a mid-day nap.  Heaven on earth in my bed.  And then I heard it.  The 13 year old started rocking out on his guitar.  Thanks A LOT!  Oh well.  Note to self:  Next time, kick the kids outside until I'm done with my nap.

Here is a pic of my 3 dogs Mango, Martini & Rover:

Here's a quote from my new friend Heathers Facebook page.  Her update:
"We said "goodbye to you lyme" in 2009--now health and wealth for the win in 2010!!!! Let the lyme fade with the start of a new decade!!!!"  -I stole it :)