Monday, July 5, 2010

PiCC time

I went to see my doc out in Malibu last Thursday.  We talked about my increasing joint pain, etc.  Decided it's time to Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive! (If you were a cheerleader, you know).  So we are going to try at least 6 weeks of IV Rocephin.  I'll let everyone know when this is going to happen.  I want to get it done at my docs hospital Cedars-Sinai.  They really know what they are doing with PiCC lines & I am a wimp, so that's probably the best place to go.  I'm going to call my docs office today & see what's going on with that.

The day of my appointment, we decided to take our 16 year old & one of her friends with us to Malibu.  After all, my docs office is literally seconds from the ocean.  So we joined the girls at the beach.  Where we went to the beach there also happens to be a bird sanctuary.  There were hundreds of cool birds.  GIANT pelicans flew over our heads.  We made some bird friends while we were there.  There were a lot of jelly fish that had washed up on shore.  We had to be careful not to step on them  It was a lovely day.  Until we got up to leave.  My husband so kindly pointed out that the backs of my legs were FRIED!  I forgot to put sunscreen on the backs of my legs!!  I am still burned badly & it's been 4 days.  I have never burned like this in my life (well except for the time when I was going to college & I went in a bad tanning bed & ended up in bed for 3 days vomiting from sun poisoning).  Can you say PAIN?
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