Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So last week I felt like crud until the day before we were going to leave for Vegas.  Hubby & I were up late preparing to leave for the next day.  Thankfully I started feeling much better as I was hoping I'd be up for some site seeing.  We were making it a family vacation & wanted the teens to enjoy themselves.  It was about 105 degrees & I don't do well in the heat, but I did OK.  When we arrived in Vegas we headed straight to the MedSonix place to do my first treatment.  I was told that for lyme I would need 1 hour treatments. 

My step-son Evan was walking like he had been on a horse for a couple days so we put him in with me for the first half hour.  He started a rigorous baseball practice for All Stars & his legs were super sore.  He was walking normal after that & said he felt much better.  We kept asking him for the rest of the day because we weren't sure if it was just a placebo effect.  At the end of the long night of site seeing that night, he said his soreness was returning a little bit.  But by morning he was fine.  Hmmmm....

I noticed nothing after my first 1 hour session.  I had pain in my legs that night while walking around but we wanted to get in as much of the attractions as we could.  Needless to say we got very little sleep for the 2nd night in a row.  I don't do well without enough sleep & felt ill when I first got up the next morning for my 2nd appointment, but once I started moving I felt much better.

I forgot to mention that my hips, knees, & hand joints had been really bothering me lately.  Started about 2 months ago & had been progressively getting worse.  I was in tears from my hip pain 2 days before we left for Vegas & tried to finally plunge into my Ketamine pain meds.  I realized they were long expired as they were compounded & the pharmacist said he didn't know what would happen if I took it anyway.  So I didn't.  I just popped a 800mg Motrin.  In a couple hours I was feeling better.  But this joint thing is concerning me because it has never been an issue for me up until the last 2 months.

Okay, so hips & knee really bothering me while on my way to 2nd appointment.  First half hour I was in with a group of people that go there every Monday & Thursday.  They all knew each other & were so friendly!  They explained to me how much MedSonix has helped them & why they come. There was a husband & wife there and they brought along his father & her uncle.  There was another gentleman that sat next to me that is one of the spokespersons for MedSonix & he was explaining things to me.  He used to be the host of Real TV.  Remember that show?  I loved watching it & still catch a rerun anytime I'm channel surfing & it's on.  Everyone was asking about lyme disease.  2nd half hour treatment a nice older couple came in.  It was their 2nd day coming.  They had come the day before & said it helped them so they decided to come again the next day.  I am not sure exactly what they were there for but I do know that the gentleman said that it helped his grumpy disposition.  Maybe I should have had my hubby do a session or two ;-)  After that session my knee wasn't bothering me anymore.  Hips still sore & stiff.  But as I walked out of the building to the car, I said to my husband, "Despite little sleep for 2 days & this heat, I'm feeling better!"  We went on to site see for hours again that night.  Way less pain, again, little sleep.

Woke up for 3rd & final session feelin' good.  Did one hour, still feeling great.  I was so surprised I was able to walk & walk & not rest at all during this entire trip!  Went to the pool for a bit in the heat with my step-son & we sipped virgin pina colada's & margaritas.  Then we needed to get our butts on the road home.  We didn't want to leave!! Such a great time!

I have been home for 5 days & have been doing great!  I said to my husband that I wanted to exercise!  I have been having no trouble walking up the stairs or getting off the couch.  My joints have not hurt me AT ALL.  I do not know yet if it was the MedSonix or the way my lyme cycles.  I know this time of the month I am usually doing pretty good anyway.  I see my doctor out in Malibu tomorrow & if hubby isn't too busy with work we are going to hang out by the beach for a bit before we head home in MONSTER LA traffic. I should be going back to do at least another session (three 1 hour treatments) of MedSonix next month.  I will let everyone know how it goes :)  As it is something that you would need to do monthly for a while.  I don't think MedSonix is a cure for lyme disease, but I do think it could be a great tool.  It reduces pain, reduces inflammation, & increases circulation.  It is totally non-evasive.  You just sit in front  of a box that makes noise.  If you don't like the noise you put on headphones that play relaxing music.  That's it!

What exactly is MedSonix?
To to their website for testimonials & videos.  They have the place in Las Vegas, NV & Naples, FL.
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