Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doing my infusion, hubs didn't turn on the flash & we were in the middle of cooking dinner so my kitchen is a mess.
Flushing the line.  You can see the sock on my wrist that I cut for a PiCC cover.

This is  Dry Pro PiCC cover.  Doesn't work for me.  I was hoping I could go swimming, but nooooo.  Mine leaks.  So no showers.  I just sit in 2 inches of water & bathe.  And to wash my hair, I do it in the sink.
So I got my PiCC (as you know) and the first 2 days. No pain what so ever! Then I slept on it. OWIE!! So I had throbbing pain for day & then didn't sleep on it, & it lessened a bit. Then I slept on it again. UGH! This sleeping thing is hard to do since I am a side sleeper & my favorite side is the side my PiCC is on. Go figure. Also, we have this ugly itchy, scratchy, tight gauzy thing they give you to cover the line. It's too tight & I only have 8 inch biceps! How do normal people wear that? Sheesh. So from the Facebook friends that have come before me in the PiCC/lyme treatment, I got some good advice:  Get a sock & cut it.  So I did.  Much better.

I have been away from blogging for a while.  Every time I start to blog, I get interrupted.  But this is a good thing.  That means I am not laying in bed all that much anymore.  When I first started the IV Rocephin, I was sleepy for a few days.  Then I suddenly felt a little better.  Had some strange issue after day 4 where my neck & upper chest felt pressure, but it eventually went away.  And I even felt like I could exercise.  So I did.  I jumped on my rebounder (mini-tramp) 500 jumps.  I was told not to get into the cardio zone, so I stopped & started.  But the next day, I was done.  Haven't exercised since & I think I have only spent 1 or 2 days  in bed.  Today, I had to run up my stairs & I realized it wasn't horribly painful.  So I will definitely work out today. 

I am very pleased with my home health nurse.  He is awesome & so knowledgeable about the world.  So he is nice to be around.  I am pleased.  He used to come every day in the beginning.  Now he comes once a week to draw blood & change my PiCC line dressing.  That is something I need to learn how to do on my own though in case insurance cuts me off.

So far, nothing drastic has been noticed, but my symptoms have definitely been reduced.  I am just waiting for my cognitive stuff to clear up.  I would like to be able to recall the names of things again.  :)

I also want to go back to do the MedSonix treatment again.  As I think it truly was a tool in my recovery.  My joints have not bothered me at all since those 3 treatments.  And I think I have only had 2 headaches since.  And both were very minor.

I have had a yeast over growth due to the IV Rocephin & the Biaxin, so I am on 10 days of Duflican & doubling up on my probiotics (when I can remember).
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