Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Almost 6 weeks into Rocephin

Friday will be 6 weeks that I started 2 grams of IV rocephin once per day.  First few days I was sleepy, then I felt pretty darn good.  Felt like exercising!  Then I was fatigued for 9 days.  Then I as fine, but then my lyme cycle hit.  I think I am now on 6 weeks cycles.  WAY more good days than bad now.  Since I started Bicillin injections in November, it has been a slow but steady incline in my health.  I am very lucky.  Any herxing I had was at the very beginning of treatment and was very minimal.

I went to the great doc (I love my doc) in Malibu last week & he said we'd be doing at least another 4 weeks of the Rocephin.  He said that all my blood work is fine, so we will continue.  I am happy because I know of people that have come a long way with Rocephin.  I am especially looking forward to the brain fog lifting.  I hope it goes away, or lessens soon.  I have barely a short term memory & word recall is terrible.  I always say "please hand me that thing"  or "put it on the thing" or "I cleaned the thing today".  Hubby gets frustrated with it, but he's much better than he used to be.  Before we knew what was wrong with me, he used to get extremely frustrated with me & it would cause arguments because I couldn't remember what things were called, or I called certain things by a different name.  I haven't been able to take my brain supplements for months as money has been tight, I haven't been taking many of supplements I was.  So maybe once I start them that area will once again improve.  I will be ordering them all again soon & see if that helps.  I am also going to try cordyceps  (it's a supplement) to see if that helps with anything as it's supposed to help with adrenal fatigue.  I really should start up Lauricidin again to fight all of my viral infections, but it's hard to want to take when it makes me feel worse.  And I have plans coming up.  Including my 1 year wedding anniversary.

I want nto nnnmnnnmnbnggfgfgfgffffffffvvv

That was my crow helping me type this.  I took a picture.  I will try to figure out how to post it.  I got a new phone & can't remember how I had it set up last time to be able to post pics to my blog.

He was a baby then.....
Anyway, just hoping that a lot of my word recall comes back.  My muscles have been improving though, so that's good!!  I tried yoga the other day from Fitness TV and managed to get through 8 minutes.  Wowee.  I thought I'd be able to do the whole thing.  Nope.  But I can walk a couple miles & clean the crap out of my house, no problemo.  So........
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