Friday, May 6, 2011

New Doctor?

I have an online friend that sees a doctor much closer to where I live (an hour each way & a lot less traffic).  The doctor is located in downtown San Diego & he accepts my insurance.  When I called to ask questions, I was told his specialty is general medicine, but he "specializes" in natural medicine.  DING DING DING DING!  I don't think my current doctor can help me anymore.  I love him.  He is truly a good person, but I have been leaving there disappointed every month that nothing is switching up in my treatment & we are not treating co-infections.

I stopped my IV Rocephin about 12 days ago (I should have written it down).  I keep meaning to re-start a daily journal.  I am so spacey lately, I forget to take my meds, flush my PiCC line, take my supplements, do my sauna, bathe, cook healthy meals, etc.  I am just not taking care of myself and it is very hard to do so.  Once I head downstairs for the morning, I rarely get off the couch.  At least I am not in bed, right!?  I have no energy, I am irritable, I am sad & lonely, don't feel like I have a support system, I have no energy.  I feel like every time I get on the right path I get the rug pulled out from under me.  I feel so defeated.  A lot of it has to do with my treatment (or lack there of).  I am pretty much miserable (just being honest).

Got some blood work results back today.  I am low in Globulin and Vitamin D.  I just have Vitamin D insufficiency, not deficient.  But I know the numbers should be on the high end.  I have no idea what the globulin means.

I have A-Bart & A-L Complex on the way from BioResource, should be here Monday.  I hope to start that & see what happens from there.  I am still taking my oral Biaxin because when I was off of it for 1 1/2 weeks, I had some symptoms return so....  Ugh.  So frustrating!

I just don't know what to do anymore.  I hope this doctor (May 16th) gives me something that I have been missing.  When I feel good.  Everything is good.  No matter what.  Wish me luck!

Oh P.S.  I started my Lyme Defense Tea (Buhner Tea) again today from!  I know I felt better when I was on it before.  But I was doing better in general back then.
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