Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Light Therapy & IV Vitamin C

Went to my doctor yesterday in San Diego.  Did my 2nd light therapy treatment and did my first IV Vitamin C. I had done a Myer's Cocktail with a glutathione push the week before.  Did feel a little better that evening.  But this time it was 25 grams of IV C with several other vitamins mixed in.  As soon as it started to drip, I felt it.  Apparently it was the magnesium.  It came over me like a drug.  Fast and smooth, putting me into a trance like state.  I guess it has a way of calming you.  It made me feel weird.  My husband was asleep on the lounge chair in front of me but my trusty friend we'll call Hawaii was a couple chairs over.  He said "just go with it".  The acupuncturist said it was the magnesium and he loves the feeling.  But then I got hot.  REAL hot.  My skin even flushed.  I slowed the IV way down.  My doc double checked it and slowed it back down a bit.  My husband woke up and wanted to go home so he asked the doctor if we could speed it up.  Everyone just looked at him.    He has an excuse.  He was asleep!  I felt herxy and not so good afterwards.  Could it be that the magnesium isn't so good for me.  It was like night and day.  I was feeling pretty darn good and then I was feeling REALLY bad.  Even had to have my husband come to the bathroom with me because I was afraid I would fall.  INTERESTING.  I am supposed to do these once per week.

We made it home back to Temecula from San Diego for my husband to get back to work (he's a workaholic) and I just laid there in the car.  Feeling pretty crappy.  Got in the house and went to bed.  CRAPOLA for several hours and developed a headache.  But I still forced myself out of the house.  My husband got a paycheck that day and so he wanted to take the family out to dinner.  I didn't want to ruin for everyone so I sucked it up and went and I am happy that I did.  We went to Pat & Oscars and got a family meal of gluten ;)

My doberman, Mango has had some bad luck with her health lately.  She had an infected eye.  It was so HUGE that it had swollen shut.  Now she has a UTI.  Her antibiotics after the culture were $111 and guess what?  It's back and she just finished her last dose today.  Taking in her urine tomorrow to get looked at.  The last month, this dog has cost us about $500.  YIKES!

Going back for my 3rd light treatment Thursday.  Wish me luck.  This is a very expensive treatment.  $150 per treatment (twice weekly) plus time off of work for my husband to take me an hour each way, then an hour there, etc.  The IV's are $100 per.....  Aye aye aye!  So far so good being off the antibiotics....
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