Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Conference Call for Healing

Hey everyone,

I'm inviting you to listen in on a conference call I asked my practitioner to do with me. My practitioner is Dr Vinayak. You can read his bio on his website

How I found Dr. Vinayak:

I had an online friend with Lyme disease make a truly miraculous recovery after discovering him. I was very concerned about her and her family so I would try and keep up with her in a private Facebook group I am a part of. I noticed she had left our private Lyme group. I hadn't seen her post in a couple of months. So I went to her Facebook page and scrolled down and noticed she was living her life as a healthy person. She was volunteering at her children's schools, she was cooking meals and cleaning her house. She would take pictures of herself out and about. It intrigued me. So I made an appointment with her practitioner. I felt I had nothing to lose and I was desperate.

Low and behold, here I am. I would say I am at about 80% functioning. When I am able to work a full time job and be athletic again, I will be at 100%. I just started doing restorative yoga at home so I'm on my way.

I promised myself if something helped me get well, I would shout it from the roof tops. So here I am and this is me shouting. By doing this conference call. There is nothing in it for me and I do not profit in any way except to hopefully inspire and help others and maybe open a door they hadn't opened before.

Not everything works for everyone but I hope somehow this can help even one person get closer to getting their lives back.
On Tuesday, February 7th at 1pm (Pacific Time), call in to the number below:

(712) 432-0800

Enter code 818978# when prompted

Once on the call please press *6 immediately to mute your phone. To unmute your phone, press *6 again to speak and then you may enter it again to mute. 

There is no fee for the call unless you are going to be charged long distance by your phone provider. Seems most people have unlimited long distance these days on home phones or cell phones. 
I have no idea how many people we will be having on this call. Individual questions can be asked via email given out at the end of the conference call. 

I hope this goes smoothly!
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