Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beach Day

I had 2 good days in a row.  Went to move some stuff to our new house, pick up a dining set in Old Town Temecula that I bought off of Craigslist.  I sold my 8 person dining set for a 4 person sold it for $150, bought the new one for $150.  Perfect trade off.  I could have gotten more for my set, I realized after I had about 15 responses within the first few minutes.  Someone was at my house with a truck within 30 minutes.  My husband told me to put it up for $100, I never listen to him & I always sell things for more.  I should have researched Craigslist for what I was selling.  I could have gotten at least $250 for it.  Anyway, then we went to grab a quick dinner & meant to stop by Home Depot for some paint color samples for the new pad.  But we forgot before we got on the road to the mall.  I used a gift card I got for Christmas at H & M and shopped with hubs & the 14 year old.  They were very helpful men!  I got a few cute things.  Makes me happy.  Can't wait to wear them.

So I wore myself out at the mall & then we went to La Jolla the next day to have lunch and walk around.  It was COLD, so cold that it was miserable.  But I brought extra clothes so I was ok.  But hubby didn't bring a sweatshirt.  OF COURSE!!

So I wore myself out & actually took a nap for about 30-40 minutes on the drive home.  If you know me, a nap is RARE.  I have probably taken 3 in the entire 17 months I have been sick.  Sleeping does not come easy for me.  I wish it did.  Before lyme, I napped all the time.  I had to.  Maybe I've had it longer than I thought.  I had so many unexplainable things going on in my body with no explanation.

My doc ordered an Eco Cardiogram.  I am hesitant to go get it because since it's the new year, comes the deductible, & the 30% out of pocket (until I meet $2500 out of pocket).  There is a place in Ontario that does them for free.  They are a school.  Not sure if that is the kind of place to be getting a check on your heart.  I may consider it though considering the financial situation.

I ordered the Lyme Defense Tea from  They are an herbal store in Connecticut (I believe).  I only ordered about 15 days worth, but I doubt I'll be able to drink the 32 oz right away anyway.  I want to start slowly.  It's based on the Buhner Protocol that uses antimicrobials instead of antibiotics.  Natural stuff.  I've been on antibiotics for 15 months.  INSANE!  As I sit here typing, I am infusing my medication through my PiCC line.  Such a pain in the butt.  Happy to have 3 days off a week.  I get to bed earlier & don't feel so stressed.  Hubby & I are trying to work me into a schedule.  Benedryl at 9:30, take out IV bag to warm up a bit, 10:00, start IV (takes about 40 minutes if all goes well).  Then I am super tired and can get to bed before midnight or 2 am for that matter.  No more laptop in bed either.  I hate just laying there.  Let's my mind wander & my thoughts run through my head too much.

I've been slacking on my sauna.  I am seriously mad at myself for it.  Need to get back on it.   It is easier when I am feeling better because after I am done I need to hop into the tub right away & it's a long process.  And I often don't have the energy.  Had a hard time walking up the stairs today.  However, hubby did take me & the 3 dogs for a walk around the block.  Not too cold.

I hope everyone is getting better.  This cold has been another set back.  Crazy thing though, I am actually showing symptoms of a cold.  Sneezing & drippy, stuffy nose.  I find that a good thing.  Also, my mom is coming to visit me tomorrow.  YAY!  She is bringing me a tea ball so I can make my Lyme Defense Tea.  YAY!
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