Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sick As a Dog - My Immune System is Kicking In!

Monday I woke up & I was sick.  I had a cold!  Tuesday I was a bit sicker, and Wednesday, I was REALLY sick.  I was actually a little worried.  When my wonderful nurse came to change my PiCC line dressing, I had him check my blood pressure, my heart rate & listen to my lungs.  My heart rate had jumped to 112 bpm at rest.  It had me a little freaked out.  It lasted for a while & by the time my nurse checked me over I was at 98 bpm.  My blood pressure was normal & he said my lungs sounded good, so he was just concerned about the heart rate.  But I explained to him it happens off & on when I am really sick, so as long as it stays below 100, I'm ok.  I felt a lot better on Thursday & by Friday I was feeling almost normal (normal for having lyme disease).  I even went out on a dinner date with my husband last night.  After getting all ready, I was exhausted.  But we enjoyed our Thai food.  But after that I was wiped out.  Today I still have left over cold symptoms, but I am happy this happened.  I think this is proof that my immune system has started to kick in.  I never caught an actual cold since my illness (17 months).  I have caught the virus when it went through my house, but I just get really lyme sick.  When 2 family members got the cold before Christmas, I know the virus was in my body because I spent over 2 weeks sick.  I remember sneezing once in the bathtub and thinking, "I haven't sneezed since I got sick!".  My immune system is kicking in!!

On another note, and not so good news:  I got an email from a friend who tried to refill her Rocephin at Walgreen's and they realized they are charging too little.  UGH!  I thought I had caught a big break!  I have another option, which is, but they charge $5.40 per vial so instead of paying $21 for 10 vials, I have to pay $54.00.  It's not the end of the world, but times are tough!
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