Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving Week

I moved last weekend.  The house was a shambles this week because hubby & kids were busy with work & school.  But today, everyone busted their butts & most everything is done.  We still need to work on our bedroom though.  Had to sell a lot of stuff because this house is so small.  Such a bummer to sell things you paid good money for, having to sell them for half or less than half.  Since we are renting, we won't be living here forever, so I like to hang on to things.  If we move, we will have to buy more to replace them.  Aaaah, such is life.

So we are settled in.  Feel totally at home.  I guess when you move all your stuff in & your family & pets are here, it is automatically "home".  Remarkably, Rhett did VERY well.  I was freaked out at the thought of having to put him in my dogs crate & transport him for an hour in a car.  But he did great.  Not a peep.  He was nervous, but not completely freaked out.  And just like the dogs, once he saw all the familiar furniture & his cage,  he too settled right in.  There isn't much room for his cage so we had to get rid of even more furniture!

How I'm Doing

I have been doing well.  Had only 2 days where I didn't want to get out of bed.  So that's good.  I am still not to the place I was this past end of June, July, August, and first couple of weeks of September.  In September I had a relapse, but now I am slowly coming out of it.  I had a good 1 1/2 weeks before Christmas but my family had a cold going around  & I got it.  That floored me for a while, but I am coming back.  It was actually nice to have a healthy persons illness!  

I have mentioned previously that I had ordered some Lyme Defense Tea from .  It is based on the Buhner Protocol.  A protocol that in my gut I feel is the best natural protocol for me.  I have been following different forums & groups based on the protocol.  The book that was written for this protocol is called Healing Lyme.

I am going to buy the book & read it just for information, however I don't think I could strictly follow a protocol.  Too many pills.  I hate pills and already take a gazillion & I always forget to take things on time.  For instance, my probiotic.  I only take 1 a day and I often forget it!  That is why I have the tea & it is exactly what I am looking for!  It tastes good, I add honey, but the Misty Meadows place says to use raw honey.  I will get my hands on some.  Right now I am using regular honey  I drink 32 ounces per day.  I am not sure if it's the tea that's been helping me or not, but I am coming out of the relapse.  Still have fatigue that really bums me out, however, I am getting out of bed every morning & I don't get back in until I go to bed at night.  This is a good sign!  I just ordered more tea, and I also ordered some teasel from the herbal shop.  I am afraid to take teasel because I hear people "herx" or get very ill from it.  I will start 1 drop at a time.  I have a Facebook friend that is going to start it with me since we're both scared.

I just started following the Salt/C protocol group on Facebook.  I am not saying I am going to do it, but I joined a group to watch for a while & see how people do.
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