Friday, March 12, 2010

I haven't been posting . . .

I haven't really been posting.  Why you ask?  Well, since my last LLMD appointment, I have been super stressed.  So much going on, trying to shop around for the best prices of every new med.  To decide along with my LLMD on the best protocol for me.  To get the PiCC or just go with finding a nurse to put in an IV catheter every Monday & take it out myself on Friday.  The PiCC scares the crap out of me.  I don't know why.  Not just the procedure to get it, but of the possible problems that can go along with it.  The risks.

I have two weeks of Bicillin shots left.  4 to be exact & by then I will need to either have my PiCC line already in place or have a nurse lined up & all my drugs in my house.  Drugs cost money.  But the way I have it worked out (I hope), I should be able to get by with $1000 a month for the drugs & $300 for my supplements.  We shall see.  I have called around to different pharmacies.  I am definitely going with for my IV Rocephin needs.  I am going to do the gravity drip and it should be costing me about $25 per day for generic plus shipping from Florida (about $100 a month).

Dealing with all of this has caused me stress.  My husband has been SO good about keeping all the financial stress off of me.  He has been bearing all of the burden since mid-October when my LLMD said, "NO STRESS".  And working his butt off & raising two teenagers that are both in sports, lessons, tutoring, & have social lives.  He's amazing.  When I feel good enough, I will run out to pick up one of the kids or drop them off if it's not too far a drive.  I make sure to do that whenever I can.  Today I spent about 4 hours designing a new flyer for our real estate business.  It felt good to help.   We used to go hang the flyers together, but I can no longer help him with that.  So we've hired a friend to do it for us.  $150 per 1000 flyers.  So about $300 per month.  You have to spend money to make money.

So now it comes down to getting the final details together.  Struggling to get my insurance company & my doctors office to get things straight.  Even though I am not CDC positive, I am trying to get my insurance to pay for the PiCC line & 30 days of antibiotics.  It would help tremendously.  If they don't okay the PiCC line, I will have to come up with about $2000.  I know someone that paid for their own & that's what they paid, so I figured it will be about the same.  We will just come up with the money.  It will happen.  It always does.

So anyway, I haven't really thought of a way to articulate what I have been going through, and that's the reason for not posting.  So many things to figure out . . .  makes me worry.  Makes me cry sometimes.
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