Thursday, March 4, 2010

New protocol

So in less than 4 weeks I am to stop my Bicillin LA injections.  It has done great things for me, however I have hit a plateau and it is time to move on to the BIG GUNS.  IV Rocephin.  Along with 3 other oral antibiotics.  Oral antibiotics are a nightmare because they make you feel like crap.  OH JOY.  And how we're going to come up with the money for all of this??  We have no idea.   Moving on to bigger & stronger antibiotics has always been the plan.  And i knew it was coming but . . . .  I will find a way to make this work.  I have to.

I called my insurance company yesterday & told them that I have Lyme Disease, but I am not CDC positive and that I have been paying for all of my treatment out of pocket.  And that I need a PiCC line & IV Rocephin.  The customer service person said that I need my doctor to call and say that it is medically necessary and that it should be approved.  I called & talked to my LLMD's assistant today.  I hope she relays the message and they get on it soon.  I hope this works.  Otherwise I either need to raise the money to have the PiCC line put in myself (yet no one knows how much that will cost) and I need to order my drugs outside of the US (Canada).  I read online that the US Government won't "persue" me if I only purchase 90 days worth at a time from Canada.  Same maker, it's just that the Pharma companies & US Government greedy people (politicians) don't get their share of the money.  I have no problem with that!

If I don't get the PiCC line, I have a few RN's that have agreed to volunteer their time to give me IV's in my home.   But at 3-4 days a week for 6 months, that can really mess up your veins.  Lucky for me, my friends came together & contacted their contacts & found some people that are willing to help me free of charge.  People that don't really even know me.  :)  Makes me SMILE from ear to ear.  But all of this is scary.  And I have been crying a lot because I am afraid of what will happen to me if everything doesn't work out.  And the added stress I have put on my husband.  We have no idea how we will pay for any of this.  I just feel so guilty.
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