Friday, June 11, 2010

Trying an alernative treatment & my baby crows

June 23-25 the fam bam & I are going to be in Las Vegas to do an alternative treatment called MedSonix.  I have personally met two people randomly that recommended it.  You can read more about other's experience at & Better Health Guy.  I am very excited to try something non-evasive.  It's basically a box that produces a low frequency acoustical sound wave that is supposed to reduce inflammation in the body, reduce pain, & increase blood circulation.

I am also excited to get out of town.  I have never gone to Vegas without going to the clubs, casinos, & gambling.  And since we don't have the money for that kind of thing (nor do I have the energy or ability to party), we are taking the kids!  A little family vacayYAY!  So we got a cheap room at The Orleans for $35 a night.  Going for two nights & found a bunch of free sites & activities through the website.
My mom is going to come stay at my house to dog & crow sit. 

I probably forgot to mention that I saved two baby crows' lives over a month ago & they are still living with us until they can be released during the day & called in at night for safety reasons (West Nile mosquitoes & other predators).  That is if I can get them trained.  They were tiny babies with no feathers when I found them & I have hand fed them.  Crows don't learn to eat on their own until about 2.5 months old, & they are just now learning.  But they are a handful so I can't wait for them to be able to go outside for the day (and hopefully come home at night).  Wish me luck!
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