Friday, April 22, 2011

Lauricidin Herx

Since I got out of the hospital, I still have yet to get back on all my medications & supplements.  My nightly ritual of taking Lauricidin stopped.  I was up to something like 35 pellets a night.  Nearly half a scoop.  So it's been over a month.

Today I feel HORRIBLE.
I was laying here thinking that all my vacuuming, dusting, laundry, vacuuming (I did a LOT) yesterday, brought me to where I lay today.  When I over do it usually, I don't feel like THIS, just sick & worn out.  So I got to thinking, what could have caused this?  This is the equivalent to a bad Lyme Cycle day........

Last night in my drunken Ambien stupor, I decided to take a half a scoop & say "screw it".  Ambien makes me drunk (and hungry. Anybody else get that?) and therefore I threw caution to the wind & downed the waxy little pellets.  Since I don't remember much that I do once I take the Ambien (I have to take it a couple hours before I actually wish to fall asleep), I didn't realize why I feel like a SUPER SICK Lyme patient.  Then I get a flash back of myself sitting on my floor and trying to count out the pellets.  I just texted my husband & asked him if I took Lauricidin last night.  YEP.

Ok, so the pain & agony I am enduring (head hurts like I drank a 5th of whiskey, body feels like I am fighting a bad flu, even my fingers hurt) is worth it because some virus or bug is dying inside me.  I should probably muster up the strength & energy to get in my FIR sauna or take what I call a sweat bath.

I'll force myself downstairs to grab some Kombucha from my fridge because it can detoxify as well.  Wish I had Burbur.  I hear great things.  It's on my wish list! :(  
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