Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mixing Meds is BAD! (TMI)

WARNING:  This post contains TMI.

I spent the evening and night two nights ago puking my brains out. It started out much worse though. I was in a lot of pain that day felt horrible (lyme cycle, day 1). I took my usual swallow of pills, Biaxin (antibiotic), GalaChrom (supplement), Lithium Orotate (supplement for mood and to protect brain cells), and Milk Thistle (Liver/detox).  I take them together all the time.  People say Biaxin is hard on their stomachs, but I have never had a problem popping it on an empty stomach.  I ate a greek yogurt and about an hour before.

Since I was in so much pain & prescription Motrin doesn't touch it, and Percocet makes me sick to my stomach without Zofran (which I had, but didn't want to take all that), I just popped one of my morphine pills.  No biggie.  I've taken those on an empty stomach before with no problem.

I ate some of the pot stickers that my now 15 year old ask me to make for him & within 20 minutes I was in agony.  I laid on my bed & grabbed the laptop to help hubby with something he was working on & then BAM!  PURE AGONY.  I could barely breathe, that's how bad it hurt.  Ends up morphine is also hard on the stomach (no one told me).  Combo of Biaxin & friends plus morphine was trying to drill a hole in my stomach lining. 

Hit me like a ton of bricks, came on within 60 seconds.  I was in so much pain, my husband was down the hall & all I could do was text the words "HELP" to him.  I couldn't even say anything.  He came in & found me in a ball, not being able to talk. He knew something was horribly wrong, but couldn't tell what the heck my problem was.  I hadn't remembered the pills yet.  He was thinking it had something to do with my recent surgery.  I pointed to the pills, and we were off.  He carried me down the stairs & stood me at the bottom to gather his things.  But nope, I couldn't stand.  I laid on the tile.  Gasping for air.  I was making some annoying, gasping, grunting sound.  PAIN.  I think this was worse than my gallbladder attacks.  This wasn't an upset tummy, this was something drilling a hole through the wall of my stomach.

So we are in the car & I have one of those handy puke bags they now hand out in the ER and since I was such a regular last month, I stuck one in my husbands glove box and couple in mine - just in case.  You never know.....  I grabbed it out of the glove box as I laid back in the chair and curled into the tightest ball I could muster.  THANK GOD for the puke bag!  Let me just say in came in handy for several rounds (it holds over 1000ml's).  But my poor husband didn't enjoy the smell of pot stickers coming back up (I didn't enjoy the taste either).  All I know is that I wished I had a 2nd bag for him.

The pain subsided a bit once I allowed my stomach contents to escape, but they were still there.  Hubby ran a couple lights (they were out by the hospital for some reason, so he just went around everyone).  We get there & the ER is FULL.  He runs in leaving me in the car (my request) and they said there were at least 20 people in front of me.  Oh forget it!  So we stayed in the parking lot in the car.  I asked him to throw out my bag & get me a new one from the ER.  We laid there until the pain subsided more & then headed home.  We called the other ER & they said they were busy too.

I was just in minor pain and agony by this time so we headed home.  I puked about once an hour until I finally took a Zofran (anti-nausea) pill at 11:30pm.  Ya, it wasn't fun but those extra ER puke bags in my glove box came in handy.  But I wanted to save them so I got a bucket.  I took care of the cleaning & flushing, etc of the bucket.  The Zofran ended up working & I never puked again.  However, I couldn't sleep and was up until 5am until I put Ativan under my tongue & then another...... I was asleep by the time the sun came up.  ZZZZZZZZzzzzz.....

Even made it to my study group for 'The Four Agreements' the next evening at 7pm.  My mom had come over & didn't want me to go (drive alone), but I wanted to stick to my commitment!  Happy I went.  Great book!  Ellen Degeneres said it changed her life.
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