Friday, April 8, 2011

My mess

This is my bed today.  Got a shipment of Rocephin that I will start tomorrow.  Started clipping coupons, but can't really buy anything anyway, so what's the point?  Here is the laptop I sit on all day/night. If I'm not sick, I'm out enjoying the day or at the library.  Oh ya and some medical bills from the ER that somehow slipped through insurance billing.  Hope I remember to call them with my insurance info.  What you can barely see on the right is my sauna that I meant to sit in today.  And you can't see my IV pole.  It's ugly.  I should decorate it!  Any suggestions?

Hate being sick.  I mean, I'm always sick, but I hate being THIS sick.  Makes me all negative and crappy.  -Hopeless
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