Friday, June 10, 2011

Changing Course and Fighting For My Family

Still waiting on MDL Labs test results.  The C3a & C4a kit has STILL not arrived to LabCorp.  I also contacted Jewish National (they perform the best tests for this) and I am going to get a requisition signed by my doctor to have it sent there by LabCorp (like they used to do) instead of them doing their own testing.  Only issue I am finding now is that they have to add that preservative after blood draw & when speaking to Jewish National, they don't want that preservative in it.  I will just delay the test until I get it all worked out.

I never heard back from my Malibu doctor on the MRI for my brain.  Still don't know what caused the seizure.

My step son is going to be tested through MDL Labs for Lyme and co-infections because he has been having pain throughout his body (low back pain, now better, but now his neck is hurting, his right ankle & right knee & shoulder were hurting, with odd things going on (numbness in his hands, etc which has also gone away).  My step son is concerned.  He has also been under a lot of stress with the family drama and that may be exasperating his symptoms and may not be Lyme related, may be stress after all.  I hope not and I will continue to believe that he is a perfectly healthy kid with every day aches & pains from the sports he plays until I am told otherwise.

I have stopped most of my supplements and meds and I am only taking some new supplements that were sent to me by an Amish man in Pennsylvania.  He heard about me through a friend of a friend and SWEARS these supplements are what help when people in their community contract Lyme Disease.  They work in fields & close to animals & it is widespread through their community.  I started 24 hours ago & will be faithful in doing what he says I should do and will give it a go for 30 days.  I will keep my blog updated as I go...

On another note......

My family's life has basically been turned upside down and shaken by some individuals who do not have my step children's best interests at heart.  My poor children feel as though they are being ripped apart in a tug 'o war.  Adults that wish to flex their "power", influence and their financial means for their own selfish needs & desires on someone else's children.  I have not been able to concentrate or do anything but worry and stress for the well being of my husband and my step children.  My kids are victims in a game that should never be played with children no matter what their age.  My husband's heart is not well and the stress of this is causing him to become more ill.  I am VERY concerned about him.  We had to hire a high powered attorney (friend of a friend and is cutting us a MAJOR deal) and my husband has been without medical insurance because we had to make a choice.  Attorney?  Or Medical Insurance, food, medication, doctors, etc.  Obvious choice is to fight for our children.....  Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as we fight an uphill battle.
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