Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jinxing myself

I've been doing really well.  I am herxing a bit, but still getting out & about.  Went to the library yesterday & cruised Walmart for about an hour. The herx hit in Walmart & I wasn't sure I could even walk to my car at the end of the lot.  Got home & I was toast.

Today I went out to lunch with the hubby, then the library, then Costco.  I was so done by the time the day was over.  But when I feel good I want to get out of the house.  I am just waiting for the sunshine to show up so I can go sit in the sunshine or take the dogs to the park.  I don't function well in the cold.  I spend about 90% of my time alone, so I am trying to make the most out of it.  Trying to make an effort to get out and meet people & promote my Thirty-One business.

If you look through the history of this blog, I have posted telling you that "I am doing SO well, I am feeling SO great, I am getting better"!  And then BAM!

I am so sick and that sickness lasts for weeks or months.  I have had HUGE improvements since I started my Rocephin break about a month or so ago & since having surgery.  Now 2 weeks back into it the IV treatment.  It takes it's toll, but not as bad as before.  I do like being off of it though.

My lyme cycle should be hitting any day now & I almost fear what is to come.  I am getting better. I know I am because I am cycling about every 8 weeks now instead of the usual 4 weeks.  That's how I was this time last year & then had that great summer (2 1/2 months in Summer 2010) before the horrid September relapse.

Last cycle, I SUFFERED.  It was horrid.  I will use my morphine if I have to this time!!  I just won't be able to take my LDN because it blocks opiate receptors.

So there, I'm going to jinx myself by letting you know that I am doing really well.  I have even committed myself to go to a book study group.  It is for 4 weeks in April, once a week.  It's at 7pm and I usually feel better at night, so that is an advantage for me.  It's also not too far from home.  The book is called The Four Agreements.

I remember seeing Ellen Degeneres back in 2001 on Oprah saying this book changed her life.  Then Ellen interviewed the author for O Magazine. I already have the book.  I bought it for my husband a few years ago. I just need to have the 1st "Agreement" read by the first class day.  No biggie, it's a short book. I just have a TON of books to read right now.  I'm making reading & studying my full time job.  I will be going to the library every day if my body will allow me to.  We have a beautiful library.

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