Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
It's entitled Transfusing Lyme
If you are familiar with this horrible disease (Lyme Disease) it not only takes away your freedom, your livelihood, your zest for living, your family, your friends, but it also takes away your ability to work and to pay for your medications.   The very medications you need to survive.  Yes I have tried going off them to see if I would be ok.  To sum it up.  I was not ok.

Here is what I need.  If you feel so compelled to help me in some way by helping me to do a fundraiser, or knowing someone that can do it.  I am desperate.

I need $560 by 7/30/11 to pay for my Alinia  That would cover my deductible and co-pay

I need $195 for a test ASAP

I need $250+  for my IV rocephin.  I have a 2 weeks supply left.

I need $150 for IV Glutathione

I also am in need of about $300 worth of supplements.

I currently have no income and my husband is working his butt off 18 hour days at his full time job and then 2 side jobs.

We are not lazy bad people, we have just fallen on really, really hard times.   My husband hasn't had a paycheck in over 4 months, yet he works full time at his own business.  We need money for rent, but I am not asking for that.  I am only asking that people to possibly help with my medical supplies & medications.  There are many more meds that I need, but this is the basic necessity.

If you have ANY ideas for fundraisers, please let me know.  I am on my own here.  I don't know a single person in the town I live in and therefore have no resources.  My family has their own stuff going on and I cannot borrow any more money from people.

I am asking because I have to.  I have no choice.

Here is my donate button through PayPal.  If you can spread the word and help me, that is all that I ask.  I just feel so desperate.

Another free and practically effortless way to help is to spread the word about my Amazon account.  If you or someone you know uses Amazon for purchases, those purchases can be helping me directly!  Just use this link when you shop and spread the word about my link. It's THAT easy.  I would greatly appreciate any and all help that I can get.  I have to reach out the community at this point.  I have no choice.

We are about to lose our car and our home.  We are days away.  But I cannot go without my medications.  I am finally feeling some relief and gaining headway.

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