Sunday, July 17, 2011

Off to see the good doc

I had to stop my Alinia yesterday.  Only took one dose.  I need to be able to make it in the care ride to see my doc without the GI issues.  I was just a couple days shy of my 2 week pulse.

I think it is entirely possible that I am herxing today.  NO WAY!

But maybe.  Strangest headache.  Really weak legs.  I've been having minor freak outs where I think something bad is going to happen and it doesn't.

I am trying to get to sleep by midnight.  My goal was 11pm but that's gone & went & I am still hooked up to my IV pole so that's not going to work.

I will write an expensive post probably on Tuesday after the appointment.  I am going to go to the beach if my body cooperates.  I will love it!

Good days to all today!!!!  xoxoxo  Sonya

Oh and I am going to try to pick up this book to read at the beach.  COMPELLING!
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