Friday, December 3, 2010

I have no computer

I have no computer.  Well, the kids have theirs & since they are in high school they are writing a lot of papers.  Then my husband is always working on his.  I just snuck on.  Going to be kicked off any second so he can get back to working.

I found out my hard drive for the laptop is under warranty so I ordered a replacement and should be able to install it.  I think.  I have phone support, so that will work.  Then I'll be back on!

Really quick, I lay around most days.  Had 2 good days the week of Thanksgiving (Sunday & Monday).  Sunday we celebrated Thanksgiving with Adam's family & Monday my bestie & I went to see my doc out in Beverly Hills.  We went to lunch at Urth Cafe.  AMAZING organic local food.  TO DIE FOR.  She wants to go with me to my next doc appt in Malibu so we can go to the shops (window shopping) and maybe eat lunch, walk on the ocean, etc.  I love being with her.  We were great roommates back before we got married, etc.

I have a lot to talk about because a lot of going on, but I'll have to catch y'all up later when I have time.  My husband is almost done with his ice cream cone.  Oop, it's gone.  BYE!
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