Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm back! And we are moving!

I had to take my blog down for a while.  I was looking for a place to live & I accidentally sent my blog link with my signature.  I have it in my email signature because I want to spread awareness however I can.  You never know who you may send an email to and it may change their life!  Wondering what their crazy illness is that no doctor can diagnose....  anyway, I have mentioned in my blog many times our financial problems due to my inability to work & the high cost of my medications & supplements.  I didn't want it to cost us getting the house we were trying to rent.  We got the house & time has gone by so I think it is safe to bring it back up.

We are moving to the city of Temecula.  I am happy to report that the entire family (the 4 of us) are equally excited to move.  My husband drives out there almost daily & he has now starting working for a company out there as well.  The kids' high school they will be attending is a GREAT school.  It is a California Distinguished School and has a rating of a 9 out of 10.  The athletics program is wonderful.  I spoke to the athletic director personally & he was a wonderful man that truly cares about the kids at that school.  We was very positive & even promised my 14 year old baseball tryouts!  They already held them, but he promised he'd get a shot at it.  His old school is corrupt in the sports department and I knew it going in, but I didn't realize how much.  I recently heard they are under investigation for the baseball try outs.  My son wants to be a PRO baseball player & being able to play high school baseball would be wonderful for him.  Fingers crossed!  The coach did say he would have to be better than average.  And our 16 year old does swim & they have a great swim team as well.  So thrilled.  She doesn't really have to try out for swim.  He said as long as she can get across the pool without drowning she makes the team.  That's how it was at her old school too.  She gets soooo tan even though swimming is a WINTER sport!

We are all just happy to be getting out of Riverside.  We will also be saving several hundred dollars per month.  Our family will be happier for sure for many reasons.  For hubby & I, we have been wanting to for years.  There is much more to do in Temecula & we are closer to San Diego!  Our ultimate goal!
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