Friday, December 10, 2010

I changed the face of my blog

I hope everyone can read it ok.  If it bothers your eyes, please let me know, I am open to suggestions.  I know a lot of my lyme friends, aka Lymeheads or Lymies have trouble viewing certain things on computers, especially color.  Oh geez, I just realized it's almost 1am.  Grrrr.....  Oh well, I took benedryl over 3 hours ago & my first glycine pill as recommended by my doc.  I could go to sleep, but I like being forced to sleep!  I've actually had a capsule sitting on my lips the entire time I messed with my blog trying to get it just right.  I chose the ocean as my background because the ocean is where I feel my best.  The ocean is where I want to be at all times.  Anywhere but my bed or the couch really.

Well, today was a good day.  I got up & got out.  I also got all my supplements in.  YAY!  I am going to hit it hard.  I'll take a pic of my daily regimen when I can remember.  We went and looked at a new place to rent as we cannot afford this place anymore.  If we get this new place, we will save $300 per month.  Is that significant enough to move?  We may save even more because it's smaller, only has 1 AC unit to run (summers are very hot here) and no pool.  I really value everyone's opinion.  The home is very nice inside & the kitchen is AMAZING. The yard is run down & can use some work.  Biggest bummer is that there is no covered patio.  Riverside needs covered patios.  But there are trees all around, so it may work out.  I looked for cheaper places to rent but anything cheaper than that is either way too small or pretty run down.

I hope everyone had a good day today.  Things are looking up in Sonya's world.  I have definitely needed a boost as of late.  I hope I feel good tomorrow.  If I do, the Christmas tree will go up!
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