Sunday, February 21, 2010


I had 7 days of not feeling well.  The last 5 were in bed.  Then suddenly Friday, I had energy & although I still felt like I had Lyme Disease, I felt "good".  Caught up on a TON of laundry & organizing and house cleaning.  Then woke up Saturday & today and I'm stuck in bed feeling like I partied like a Rockstar the night before.  But I didn't, I promise.  I layed in bed aaaaalll day yesterday and today.  I did get up last night after my shot and went for a walk like I always do. 
I'm sad.  Being sick makes me sad.  Not being a good wife to my husband makes me sad.  I want to live.  I want to DO something.  I want to cook dinner.  Because I can cook.  Hubby, not so much. 

I watched 3 documentaries this weekend.

Michael Jackson: This Is ItFahrenheit 9/11Bowling for Columbine

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