Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have I reached the plateau?

So I am so incredibly happy about the money I was able to raise for my meds on Facebook.  Still reeling from the excitement.  I raised $1400!!  Twice my goal.  I was able to order my Bicillin, aretemesia & clove, LDN, and my B12.  I think I have enough left over to get my western blot.  I was going to go today but realized I have to wait a few days for the money transfer from my PayPal acct into my bank account.  AND you can't ship the blood on a Thursday because it would arrive on the weekend and no one is there.  So what's the point.  So if you pray, please pray that it is positive.  So that the CDC will accept my results as positive and my insurance will kick in a litle for the PiCC line.  Otherwise I will have to do some serious fund raising.  It's hard to do a fundraiser from your bed.  Granted, these days, most of my days are spent out of bed.  THANK GOD!!  I have been stuck in bed since Monday.  I was doing really, really exceptionally well for quite a while and not sure what's going on.  Have I hit a plateau with my treatment?  Or has it stopped working?  Or is this the lyme cycle?  Who knows.  I just know I feel like crap and all I do is lay in bed.  But like I always say, I can't complain because it's never as bad as it was in the beginning.

I need to pray.  I haven't prayed for the past few days.  Need to get on that.

I have also decided to bump up my Bicillin shots from twice a week to thrice a week.  Like that?  Thrice?  Is it a word?  Well it rhymes and that's all that matters.  My butt is upset with me about this decision, but I have been getting less anxiety with each shot & only occassionally does the pain & swelling linger for more than a few days.  Actually, I will be doing a shot every 3 days, so that is not quite 3 times a week.  But it's more.  My LLMD originally wanted me to work up to 3 a week, but I was herxing & my rear end wasn't recovering, so she said to stick with three & move up if I felt comfortable with it.  After I get my western blot and other blood results (viruses, etc) I am going in to see her and we will work it all out.
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