Friday, February 26, 2010

Better days . . .

So today is the 4th day in a row that I have been feeling decent.  Yesterday I was tired, and had a headache, but nothing compared to the swollen brain feelings I sometimes get.  I get my energy at night.  Somewhere between 7pm & 8pm.  What a bummer.  That's when I want to leave the house & go somewhere.  Anywhere.  Last night at around 9:15pm my step son & I took off & went to the grocery store.  I wish I felt like this during the day.  Oh well. 

I am going to see my WONDERFUL LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) on Tuesday and I am excited to see her.  She lowered her fees to accomodate the economy.  So my follow ups are only $175.  When I tell people, that I have the most caring doctor, I mean it.  She is so intelligent & caring, that I like going to see her.  I am keeping a notebook to remember any questions I may have for her.  And am interested in hearing anything new she has learned since we last spoke.  I last spoke with her beginning of December.  She called me out of the blue to check on me.  I LOVE THAT.  I have recently referred 3 people from my various online Lyme connections to see her.  2 people for sure made appointments.  I've heard back from one & the feedback was great.  So happy she is thrilled with my LLMD. 

I just ordered a new supplement today called Lauricidin.  It was recommended to my husband for me by one of his clients.  She just learned I have Lyme Disease & swears by it.  I did some research & saw several people with Lyme take it & I saw nothing but great reviews.  So while it's not a cure-all, it can't hurt.  It is inexpensive so I am looking forward to trying it.  A representative from the company responded to an email I had sent & they said to start SLOW!!  You can experience a herx reaction from it.  So I will start very, very slow.  As I am very cautious.  And quite wimpy at that!  It took me 3 months to even try a little bit of my Artemesia & Clove.  But eventually I gave in & am doing great on it.  I take it 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.  Found a cheaper place to buy it online too.  I'm good at that!!

I'll let everyone know of any changes made to my protocol one I see my LLMD.  I may also be taking my Western Blot on Tuesday.  Someone in her office will draw my blood becuase I couldn't find a lab to do it here.  No one will do an outside labs test kit.  Yet another hurdle for the victims of Lyme Disease.  I kind of want to take my test when I feel sickest (which was for the 9 days I was in bed), so I will see what my doc thinks and may just have to drive out to see her when I'm sicker than I am lately.  The test is very expensive & I raised the money on Facebook & I don't want to "waste" the test if timing matters.  Wish me luck!!  Pray for a CDC positive result so that I can get my PiCC line :)

Oh, I also recently purchased the DVD called Rethinking Caner.  I had stumbled upon it several times in my research.  Parker Posey, the actress, also has lyme & left conventional medicine to try holistic alternatives.  She is promoting the DVD as something that changed her mind.  I ordered that and a book about Detoxing.  There is one man in the documentary that has lyme & recovered using the methods.  The DVD is based on the book of the same title:
Rethinking Cancer: Nontraditional Approaches to the Theories, Treatments, and Prevention of Cancer
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