Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paint May Lyme Green!

Paint May Lyme Green!

I have been really busy & feeling really good.  Haven't taken Lauricidin since the bad "herx" or whatever it was.

We are working on getting everyone to change their profile picture to a lime green profile pic to raise awareness for Lyme Disease Awareness Month of May.  So if you have a Facebook, please do so.  There are many ways you can help other than facebook.  Please click on the link above that reads Paint May Lyme Green to see what you can do. 

Right now we are planning a HUGE - let me repeat - HUGE rally against the IDSA's recent decision.  You can read more about the IDSA's decision here .

If  you are interested in the rally, please contact me, tell me where you are located & give me your name & contact info.  The date of the rally is to be announced.  If you are on Facebook, please join our group IDSA Denies Proper Treatment for Lyme Disease so that you can stay up to date on the rally & maybe help organize in your area!  The HIV/AIDS victims of the 1980's had to rally & come together in huge numbers to make a change & get proper treatment, and we are no different.  Even if you are too sick, you can still have your friends & family attend.  No matter what condition I am in that day, I will be there!  Even if I have to rent or borrow a wheel chair & be wheeled around.  There is no way I am missing it!

xoxo!  Feeling good lately.  Just wish my muscles weren't so weak.
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