Monday, April 5, 2010

Something strange is going on here. . .

So I had 14 glorious days straight of feeling "good" (my last record was 10 consecutive days) and the last two of those days were almost like not having this stupid disease at all.  I even exercised a bit on my mini-tramp.  Then BAM!  My "Aunt Rosie" came to visit and if you are a woman with lyme you know what happens, within a couple of days you are sick again.  Classic lyme cycle.  So I was sick one day and then felt really bad the next (yesterday).  Decided to take an 800mg Motrin to see if would do anything because it was Easter & I wanted to go to my sis-in-law's new pad for a BBQ.  If I'm sick over there, I can just lay on the couch & be sick, no big deal.  But the Motrin actually did something.  Took my flu-ish/hangover feelings away.  Not completely, but I was definately not miserable, and even though I layed on the couch, I had a good time.  So the Motrin totally helped (never worked before), but it left me with my stomach all jacked up for the rest of the day.  Hmmmm.... maybe I'm onto something.  Take 800mg Motrin every day??  But what about my liver?  And the fact that I am on high dose antibiotics?  Then today, I'm sick, but nothing close to what I am used to.  NOTHING.  I babysat a 1 year old for 2 hours (jacked up my back doing so), AND I managed to clean out & organize my pantry.  On a SICK day!!  Okay.  My good days keep getting "good-er" (yes, I know that's not truly a word) and my bad days are getting "good-er".

Maybe I'm getting GOOD-er!!!!!!!!  (Oh ya, I've blown my whole gluten free, sugar free diet again).  Unless I notice any issues, I'm staying this way.  It's easier to eat.
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