Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saving Money on Meds

I have probably mentioned all of this before, but I felt like I could post so that if people need inexpensive meds, they will know where to go or at least look.

West Aid Pharmacy in Los Angeles has the cheapest of EVERYTHING I have had to get.  They have matched Costco & beat Costco when I speak with RJ there.  I get generic Biaxin, 60 pills a month for $35, this includes my $15 co-pay because my insurance covers only 14 days.  If you have no insurance it may run more like $60.  But that is still cheaper than most anywhere.  FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING is totally awesome.  Mine comes by courier because I live in SoCal, but I referred someone to them out of the state & they said they also got free overnight shipping & found the cheapest prices.  When I was on Bicllin, I payed $775 plus shipping per 10 doses elsewhere.  And that was the cheapest I could find until my doc told me about West Aid.  I then paid around $525-$575 (can't remember).  I don't know how they make any money but... OK!  1-800-939-9495

If you are in California and are in need of IV meds (generic Rocephin & maybe others), there is a little known place called InfuSource (not to be confused with Infuserve) in Rohnert Park, CA.  They beat Infuserve America's price.   Rocephin "push": $25 per dose, Rocephin "drip": $30 per dose, Pressurized balls: $35 per dose.  The Push is never recommended.  Infusing too quickly doesn't do any good.  It also ships locally vs flying across the country & so you would save in shipping.  They also have all the supplies you need. They have excellent customer service as well.  Jan answers the phone & Melissa handles billing & really knows her stuff about IV therapy.  707-588-8894

InfuServe America in Florida is a great resource for Meyer's Cocktails, Glutathione, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), Methylcobalamin, IV meds, supplies, etc.  I have mostly ever spoken to Rainey there.  She is a very nice lady.  Their website is  Their Methylcobalamin wasn't as potent as the one I get in my experience so I no longer get mine there.  Their LDN is more expensive than were I get mine, but they are open to matching prices.   They can ship nationally.

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy in Santa Ana, CA.  I believe they can ship nationally as well.  They are a SUPER high quality compouding pharmacy with very high standards.  I think I pay $33 plus shipping for my LDN.  I was using preservative free methylcobalamin & I was paying $76 for a months supply (3, 1ml vials 25mg/ml).  I was on tiny doses.  I had my doc just write me a script for how he would prescribe (I was still doing it my old LLMD's way @ .12mls per day).  So now I will do somewhere around 1ml per day & I get it for $26 plus shipping in a 30 ml bottle.  CHEAP!! YAY!  1-877-444-1133

You can get syringes much cheaper on Amazon & without a prescription than what you would pay at a pharmacy. 
For supplements, you can do a search for that keyword in my google search bar somewhere on the right side of my blog,  I list all the big name supps & show what I found to be much cheaper & equivilent.
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