Sunday, October 10, 2010


I love it how the NFL football players wore pink today in honor of breast cancer.  I thought it looked cool.  Can't figure out how they got their shoes pink though.  It would be awfully cool to see them wear lime green one day. 

Still feeling crappy, but I had 2 good days in a row.  Yesterday I made it to the last half of my step sons baseball game and today my step daughter & had shopped at Target.  I love Target, but I was reluctant to go for political reasons.  I betrayed my beloved gays!!  Oh well.  I love the products & hey, I need to save money!  I even went for a 1 1/2 mile walk with my step daughter tonight.  I told her I'm getting flabby & since I can't work out anymore (last month was a different story), the only thing I can do is walk.  My leg weakness is back, but it doesn't take much to walk.  I am going to try to do 2 miles at least 3 times a week.  I can't stand what lyme has done to my body. 

Oh, my friend from Idaho Trish is in town visiting.  Her daughter moved to San Diego so she is staying with me & driving out to visit her a few times.  It's  nice to hang out with Trish and her youngest baby boo Aaden.  Aaden will be 2 end of December.  He is THE BEST baby!  Rarely fusses or cries & pretty much is happy 24/7.  He's lovely.  Has been since the day he was born.  Aaden was born with down syndrome and so even though he is almost 2, he is still pretty small and is more like a 10-11 month old child, just a bit smarter & was easier to care for.  He is a blessing.  It's nice to have Trish around.  We used to spend so much time together when we were single.  She pretty much lived at my house.  It's nice to have someone around again.....

Well, I have a doc appt set up Oct 26th, but I think I will be going in sooner.  Not sure what is going on, this is the worst month I have had in at least 6 months.  3 good days out of a month is just insane.  I am going to attempt coffee enemas if I can get my hands on all the equipment.  I am terrified of an enema, but people swear by it for detox.  I very well could be toxic.  That would explain the constant hangover feeling, but to me, it doesn't explain the muscle weakness that returned.  My only explanation is treatment failure.  UGH!   
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