Friday, February 4, 2011


So I've been having some hard times lately.  Adjusting to a much, much smaller house has been difficult for everyone.  But I think we got past it now.  Sold a lot of stuff, which is a good thing since we needed some money.  My husband gets paid in the mail & we forwarded the mail & the company said that they had mailed it to our new address.  Only to get a call from the management company from our old house letting us know that they had a stack of mail for us.  UGH!  Took 2 weeks!  It was a small check.

The stress from the move & not having things unpacked (we still haven't finished our bedroom) had me kind of a wreck.  But hubby, the kids, & I got on it this past weekend & things are good!  We went from 3000 sq ft to 1700 sq ft.  It's hard.  And the kitchen is so tiny.  I have no room for anything!  So we haven't got that part sorted out yet....  I cooked my first meal today though.  Took FOREVER!  I'll post that on my dinner blog tomorrow.

Walgreen's found out they were charging too little for Rocephin so they upped the price from $2.10 per vial to $6.09 per vial!  Thanks Walgreen's employee in Valencia!  So I called my trusty pharmacy & BLESS THEIR HEARTS (my friend Col would say that) they are giving it to me for pretty much their cost @ $5.50 per vial.  I will give this company ALL of my business from now on.  Even the things I only have a co-pay on.  They deserve it.  And to top it off, today, they wanted to send me my rocephin vials (they have three 10-packs now, will order more later).  I told them I could only afford to pay for 1 pack & they decided to ship me all 3 and I can pay them when my husband gets his check.  Now that is dedication to the customer.  I have been a customer of theirs for a long time.

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