Thursday, February 17, 2011

More on Buhner Protocol; Knotweed

This is a GREAT publication called Public Health Alert.  I stumbled upon it researching the Buhner Protocol.  This is an update on the protocol from April 2010.  I'll copy & paste some snippets below.

This is the entire article:

Buhner "Core Protocol"
*Japanese Knotweed (Source Naturals Resveratrol with 500mg Polygonum cuspidatum per tablet)  
1-4 tablets 3-4 times daily for 8-12 months
*Cat's Claw - 1-4 tablets 3-4 times daily for 2-3 months then 2-3 capsules three times daily
*Eleutherococcus - 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful upon rising and at lunch
*Astragalus - 1000mg daily; not to be used in chronic Lyme

Note: Each protocol should be customized to the
unique needs of an individual person.  Though the
above represents the foundational protocol, there
are a number of adjunct options that may be considered.  See the book "Healing Lyme" by Stephen
Harrod Buhner for more information.

"Japanese Knotweed shuts down the inflammatory pathways initiated by the spirochete."

"Knotweed, ....affects the exact pathways that are problematic in Lyme disease.  It is very specific for the inflammation related to Lyme disease."
"Knotweed crosses the blood brain barrier.  It is specific for inflammation in the meninges.  If a person presents with a stiff neck and headaches as part of a neurocognitive Lyme presentation, Knotweed is very specific for these symptoms.  It is a potent antioxidant and has protective effects on the brain. It calms the central nervous system and helps with arthritis symptoms in Lyme disease.  Knotweed is an herb and drug synergist meaning that when it is used with antibiotics, it makes them  powerfully effective even in cases where they previously failed.  "If I could get every
Lyme-infected person to do one thing, it would be to take Japanese Knotweed along with their antibiotic therapy.  It increases the effectiveness by at least double," he said.

Ok, so from now on I am going to be taking Knotweed and you should too!

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