Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been having a rough time.  My lyme flare (cycle) hit me HARD this time.  I was out of my head crazy.  So moody & miserable & unhappy.  Thank GOD that's over.  But I'm back to feeling crummy.  Not horrible & not suffering like I was.

I'm lonely though.  My wonderful husband is working his tail off and trying to support his family, so I am at home 24/7 alone.  Well, I have my pets.  My kids are busy with their lives.  My poor 14 year old is having a hard time with this transition.  He is a freshman & was the most excited about the move out of the 2 kids.  He didn't make the baseball team and was really bummed.  Made me sad.  I would sneak over to the high school where no one could see me & watch him.  I don't know much about baseball, but they already had their team, so they told me he would have to be better than average.  It just made me so sad.  At least I got them to give him a chance.  He is also having trouble making friends.  He isn't the most social guy (so I've learned from my daughter & from talking to him about it).  I am going to help him look into some clubs at school.  Things he can enjoy & maybe share an interest with.  We drove out last weekend & picked up one of his friends to spend the night.  That was good for him.  I am friends with his mom & so she then came the next day to get him & we had a nice visit.

The 16 year old wasn't too happy about the move, but we managed to introduce her to the" most popular girl in school" so now she is really popular.  She has a lot of friends.  And one moved in right next door!  SCORE!  She seems pretty stoked about it.  She is also on the swim team & has made a friend there.  There is also a boy that showered her with gifts for Valentine's Day.

All in all though this move is for the best for my family.  Saving money, a new community.  The kids' biggest complaint is that the school is older (their old school was brand new) so they call it "ghetto".  My kids have been raised very spoiled up until recently.  They are adjusting great.  I will try to find ways to get the 14 year old some socialization.  My 16 year old has done a 180.  Her attitude has changed, she is talking to me more & spending time with me.  We are laughing and she isn't just hiding in her room all the time.  There is a HUGE difference in her behavior & how she treats her family.  We are feeling more like a family unit than we ever have.  This makes me happy. :)

My parents came by last weekend even though I had told them I wasn't up for company.  It was a nice surprise.  I had cancelled plans 2 weekends in a row with them because I was feeling so terrible.  It's an hour drive each way for them.  Think maybe my mom was a little concerned?  I don't know what's going on with me......

I started a new supplement that I will tell everyone about later.  I want to see if it effects me or not first.  Today is just my 3rd day.  I actually took a nap yesterday which hasn't really happened except maybe twice in the past year & a half.  I have fatigue, but the inability to sleep.  I could sleep today even, right now.  Maybe I'll try it.  Wonder if that has to do with the supplement.  Can't imagining something working so quickly.  But it is supposed to help with sleep.  Even wanted to go to sleep last night by 10pm but it didn't happen because I forgot I needed to do an infusion, you have to take it out of fridge & allow it to warm up first, etc.  Oh well.

Look how I organized my supplements & IV supplies.  Looks MUCH better next to my bed & it's easier to carry than my big round plastic baskets.  Made me quite happy last night!

Heparin, Saline, alcohol wipes, & IV caps. :)

This one has my initials embroidered on it.

I put the meds I take twice a day in the side pockets.  I still have plenty of room to add more if I need to (hope not).

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