Saturday, February 5, 2011


Anybody else taking Lauricidin? Here is their website:

I've been taking it for many months. You have to start slow when you have lyme disease. I am up to 18 pellets a night. The goal dose is 3 scoops per day which I think is about 60 pellets 3x per day. I actually herx on the stuff and I don't usually herx easily. That's why I am going so slow. I just want to hear what others have experienced.

UPDATE:  I just learned that I cannot recover from Lyme Disease without first treating HHV-6.  I know Lauridicin helps to combat viruses, but HHV-6 is not on the list.  However, I have CMV, EBV, & the mycoplasma pneumonia bacteria.  And they are on the list of things Lauricidin can kill.  So I will be more aggressive with my Laurcidin & start upping my dose more quickly.  I took 20 pellets last night.  I will start taking 20 at night & 10 in the am.  Hope I don't herx too much.
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