Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Methylcobalamin B12, SubQ vs IM

It matters how you shoot it! I knew that! I just found this online. When you do it in your buttocks fat (Sub Q, not IM), it takes longer to absorb & doesn't get flushed out by the kidneys within 30-45 minutes! And the buttocks is better than arm fat or belly fat! Good news because it hurts less in the butt! Here is a quote:

"Subcutaneous adipose tissue in the buttocks is not vascular enough to deliver enough methyl-BB
12 fast enough to produce a significant clinical response in such a short period of time. If my dosing schedule is being followed and you see that the urine is pink or red, the methyl-B12 shot was undoubtedly delivered into the muscle no matter how much you believe the injection was given subcutaneously. Subcutaneous injections cannot deliver enough “red” methyl-B B12 fast enough to be cleared by the kidney and show red in the urine unless the volumes are huge, significantly greater than any that I commonly use.
c) Because of the above discussions, a constant steady state can be achieved in most individuals with a shot frequency being adequate once every three days if fat from the child’s buttocks is used. I use the following example, not to be gross or disgusting, but rather because it allows you to easily visualize and remember the concept. To visualize what happens to a methyl-B12
shot in the fat in the buttocks may be hard to do unless we ‘magnify it”. Therefore, let’s think about an “elephant’s butt” instead. Let’s say there are 12 inches of fat between the skin and the muscle below. Our goal is to insert a red lollipop right in the middle of this foot of elephant butt fat – 6 inches under the skin and 6 inches above the muscle. Because fat is
moist and because lollipops dissolve whenever they come in contact with moisture, imagine the diameter of the lollipop gradually getting smaller and smaller until it is totally gone 3 days later. This is analogous to injecting a dense concentration of methyl-B12
into the subcutaneous fat in a child’s buttocks – a process of
slow steady release over 3 days. By contrast let’s revisit the elephant’s butt and insert the lollipop in the muscle. Because muscle has lymph and blood constantly in motion, the lollipop continually has blood and lymph “washing over it” and the lollipop will dissolve much more quickly, similar to what would happen if it were in a bowl of water that was gently being rocked back and forth. As this illustration shows, the lollipop in the bowl will be completely melted within an hour. Should the lollipop have been inserted right at or very close to the subcutaneous/muscular junction, an effect somewhere in between the two extremes would be noted."


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