Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, feeling crappy, & a possible hair loss cause.

Merry Christmas everyone!

I haven't been blogging lately because to put it bluntly, I feel like crap.  Got "sick" again a couple days before Christmas.  When I say "sick" I mean, to where I can't function & I lay in bed or perhaps the couch all day.  I guess I could call it a bad day.  A good day is where I actually get out of bed, get dressed in something other than sweats, & maybe go out with hubby to run an errand.  I have either been very nauseous lately or more recently.  Just Lyme sick.  Weak muscles, neck pain, HEADACHE, fatigue, lethargy, sometimes feeling just "not right" which is scary.  Still I managed to go to my in laws house for dinner on Christmas Eve & again on Christmas night.  Prime rib!  Delicious.  It was nice because the kids left in the afternoon to their moms & my parents are at their Arizona house with my grandpa & his love, so it was just hubby, me & the dogs laying around.  Pretty lonely & not too Christmas-y just being us, so I was glad we were able to go to their house for dinner.  Yesterday was hubbies birthday and I felt bad because I had to depend on him to bring me every meal, etc.  I layed in bed & watched 'Taken' with Liam Neeson (so good) & Atonement (ok). 

My in laws bought hubby & I a Blu Ray DVD player & a years subscription to Netflix!  YAY!  I need that because watching movies is a good escape when I feel too bad to read or play on the internet or blog or whatever.  Keeps me occupied.  So excited.  I just need to get hubby to install the player downstairs.  We'll see if it ever happens.  He did attempt it today but couldn't get enough light to see.  I also got an Ipod from hubby & the slippers that I asked for.  My other slippers are shot & several years old.  It hurts my feet to hit the cold tile when I go downstairs.  The Ipod is VERY cool and I wasn't expecting it.  Hubby got it for me because I need to meditate & they have free podcasts, etc.  I wanted to buy a meditation CD but couldn't find a CD player to play one in, so I thought an Ipod would be perfect.  Well I got more than I bargained for!  It even has a video camera & a pedometer on it.  Not to mention games & other Ipod stuff.  It's a Nano with 16 gb of memory.  Now where to get the music & audiobooks??  That stuff can be expensive!!

Possible Hairloss Cause

My friend Nani (met her on Facebook, her dad has LD) had commented here on my blog about another person searching for answers as to why her hair was falling out.  I checked out her blog and she said her doctor had her do an iodine skin test & that she was probably iodine deficient & that is why her hair is falling out.  In all my research, I have heard people mention this skin test so I quickly called up hubby who was out running an errand & asked him to pick me up some. 
Applied it at 1:48pm 

Here it is 12 minutes later: 

In the meantime, I read this very interesting article called
Dr. David Derry Answers Reader Questions

Brought to you by Mary Shomon, Your Thyroid Guide
a doctor wrote about Iodine & how it was used a hundred years ago & how it should be researched more today.  Not sure if it will help with my hair probem.  But it is VERY  interesting.  Even if you don't have Lyme Disease.  I need to tell my friend Emily to read it because she was just saying today that her hair is falling out.
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