Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nausea, Nausea, Nausea = Herx?

Oh boy.  Yesterday & the day before I was sooooo nauseous.  You know, on the verge of tossing your cookies, but never quite there.  The first day I took an activated charcoal & it took the nausea away very quickly & lasted about 2-3 hours.  I took it yesterday and it didn't do squat.  You can't take it within 2 hours of taking supplements, meds, or food (ideally) because the charcoal absorbs both good & bad.  It helped to eat something, my nausea would subside for a short while each time I put something in my stomach.  I think I am herxing.  YAY!  I have herxed like this (with nausea) 3 times before.  Twice with Bicilllin , for two days after a shot & then 1 day after the next shot.  And now.  The worst was when I was on Doxycycline.  5 straight hours of pure misery.  The Doxy herx was much worse than the Bicillin herx.  The Doxy herx was similar to having food poisoning and I actually vomited once (made myself, had to, miserable).    Today, no nausea so far.  YAY!  But my neck is hurting again.  No pain else where, not one bit.  My muscles usually hurt all over.  It moves around.  I guess that's called Fibromyalgia. And I just noticed today that my hands haven't been hurting lately (all my joints in my hands usually ache).  Too bad it's too late to send out Chrstimas cards.  Just writing the thank you notes from my wedding was a task.  So no Christmas cards this year.  Sorry.

I found this interesting article (not sure what it is) that someone wrote about Lyme Disease and a descrption of what it is like.  I would like all of my friends & family to read it.  So I will post it here.  I also am posting it because it's a great thing to read for anyone that has LD.  I don't agree 100% with everything.  But about 85% seems to add up with all my other research, etc.  It's titled Late Stage Lyme Disease and I am not sure why.  Tons of info.  Will take you about 15 minutes to read.  But very interesting and worth it.  So please take a look.
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