Monday, December 14, 2009

So am I going to lose all my hair? I want a second opinion.

I spent most of today doing research on Lyme Disease.  I feel like I could write a book on the amount I research.  All in the name of finding a "cure".  I am trying to figure out why people with LD suffer hairloss.  My hair started thinning a year a 1 month before I got "sick".  My sis in law does my hair & noticed a bald spot that appeared in 2 weeks.  It didn't get any bigger & so we didn't think much of it. But then this spring I was under a lot of stress & I noticed some more thinning on top of my head (around my face) & another spot.  We got my thyroid & hormones checked, & all appeared ok.  We eventually went to a dermatologist who didn't know the reason either & suggested Rogaine.  However when we went to go buy it it said not to use if hair loss is patchy.  Mine was patchy.  That was a waste of a doctor visit.

A couple of months before I got "sick" I was just losing & losing hair.  We didn't know why.  Then I got sick & eventually diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  Unexplained hairloss is a symptom of LD.  But then no one can explain why.  Maybe I've had the Lyme longer than I thought.  Maybe I got it when we went camping at the Kern River in July of '08.  We hiked through woods & tall grass.  No one else from that camping trip is sick.  Hmmmm....

If anyone knows of an herbal remedy or anything that helps with the hairloss.  I am all ears!  I mean, everyone says the hair grows back & I just chopped off 7 inches!  It was looking to limp & thin.  Luckily it isn't too noticeable.  This is before the CHOP!  I will post an after pic when we take one.

Second Opinion
While doing my research (I do a couple hours a day) I came across a YouTube video of a segment on Good Morning America.  It was a story about a weather girl  from Channel 6 News in San Diego that had suffered a battle with Lyme Disease and was now doing better.  I then found an article on the stations website that had interviewed a Dr. out near SD that specializes in Lyme Disease.  There are not a lot of those docs out there.  I checked out their website, called & got more info and made an appointment.  They take insurance, but of course they don't take my insurance.  Oh well.  So I made an appointment with the consent of my loving husband.  I will be going on the 23rd of this month.  It's only about an hour and a half away.  I see the Nurse Practitioner first.  And then we go from there.  The lady on the phone said that 70% of their patients have Lyme  Disease.  The docor works for free.  But of course I still need to pay.  We will see if based on our income they give some kind of discount.  WE SHALL SEE.  I am looking forward to it.  I want to make sure I am doing everything I need to so that the disease doesn't advance.  I will also ask which tests are the most important for me to save up for.  I will do them in order of importance.  If the money situation gets better, I will also see a Naturopath or consult with one by phone that specializes in Lyme.  Most of those specialists are more toward the east coast where Lyme is more prevalent.

I have seen great improvement with the Bicillin injections.  Although the past week has been difficult because some of my symptoms that I thought were long gone have returned.  They are the Neurological symptoms that scare the crap out of me.   So they are NO BUENO.  Neck stiffness & pain, my knees buckling when I walk, & I'm again "off balance".  Plus I have noticed a few heart palpitations.  My LLMD, Dr. B thinks I am herxing.  I hope so.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Someone is on their way over right now to give me a "microchip" or whatever it's called to put on my neck & it is supposed to take the pain away.  It's the latest MLM craze.  They are spendy, let's see if it works!  If not, I always have my Ketamine cream & the neck heating bag.
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