Tuesday, December 15, 2009

They didn't work & waking up

Okay, so even though I did get sleepy with the holograms, I didn't sleep.  I sat in bed waiting to become tired, watching Family Guy until 1am.  I was determined to give these a shot, but I just couldn't handle it anymore.  So I gave in & took 1/2 a benedryl & fell asleep somewhere around 1:30am.  Hey, I sat there for 2.5 hours!  I gave it a true shot.  But people with LD don't sleep well and I never take naps.  Even though my doc wishes I would.  I just can't.  I used to be a great napper.  I am probably not a good test candidate for the "rest" hologram because of the LD & also because I take LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) right before I go to sleep.  It causes sleep disturbance.  Hence the Benedryl.  I think the pain holograms may have helped though. They fell off, so I need to find some band aids to re-stick them to my neck.

  I didn't wake up until 10:30am.  :)  The dogs (we have 3) were like, WAKE UP!  We need to pee & we are hungry! I need SLEEP to heal.  Sleep is good for your immune system. Today was tough waking up to the reality of having Lyme Disease.  Made me sad.  However, I am handling it better, and I have improved with treatment, and I have just accepted it for what it is.  More later . . . .
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