Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Donate Button

I put up a donate button here on my blog so that people can donate to my medical expenses if they are feeling particularly generous.  Yes, I have medical insurance at the cost of $211.00 per month, however, it has only covered some of my blood work, the stuff my wonderful internist orders (he was the only doc that believed me when I said I was sick).  The rest of the blood/urine tests I need I have yet to do.  Those tests come out of my own pocket, paid up front.  Remember, this is Lyme Disease & it is virtually ignored by the medical community.  Therefore, insurance won't cover treatment/expenses unless you have a flaming POSITIVE test.  Mine wasn't positive enough for my insurance company to feel obligated to help me save my life.  I have several tests still needed totalling about $1500-$2000.  I have the kits at home, just don't have the dinero to give them my samples of blood, poop, or pee.

I have yet to test for my co-infections.  I need this test to see what else I am infected with besides the Lyme bacteria. This is very important because you cannot be "cured" (if such a thing exists) of Lyme unless you also cure the co-infections.  Every co-infection has a different treatment.  I have no clue how much that test runs. I am getting ready to take a Western Blot test through Igenex Labs.  This lab does a more sensitive test than standard labs.  On my first Western Blot through Quest Labs I only had 1 reactive band (you need a few, not exactly sure how many) in order for the CDC to acknowledge you have Lyme Disease.  However, with a screwed up immune system DUE to Lyme  Disease, your body isn't going to product the antibodies!!  This is why testing needs great improvement.  This test is going to cost me about $350.  Please cross your fingers for me, pray, or whatever you do, that I get positive enough so that I may get help from insurance.  There is another treatment I need (IV Rocephin via a PiCC line) that will be pretty expensive & I can get insurance to cover 30 days of this stuff & the outpatient procedure to put the PiCC in & the nurse if I can get enough reactive bands.  I don't know what my odds are, but apparently, it's rare for people to get "positive enough".  As I have mentioned before in this blog.  The IDSA & the CDC are corrupt.  Apparently, they are on the insurance peeps payroll.  Go figure.

So anyway, I really need help.  It is hard to ask for donations, but I feel like we are drowning here.  I can no longer work due to my illness and my husband works very hard as a Realtor in this market trying to raise 2 teenagers with very minimal help from their mother (I think we sometimes get $120-160 per month in child support).  I am going to create & sell things to try to raise money. That will also help me to pass the time and not feel so helpless.

I appreciate anyone who does make a donation.  As I know how hard things are for people right now.  Any amount will bring tears of joy to my eyes.  Even if it is just one dollar because it does add up.   And I know how hard it was to earn that dollar.  I am working on getting an actual foundation set up so that any donations made can be tax deductible.   That is in progress as we speak!  I will let you know.
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